Branko Zivotin, Catholic astrologer, palmist,, numerologist - Belgrade

Tarot Cards - The Most Dangerous Black Magic

Well, in every difficult situation of a man, there are people who make life even worse. They make it so cunningly that every person in a distress easily falls into the clows of such a person. They are very easy to recognize, it's enough to go to an astrologer who uses the Tarot cards and and to be caught in the greatest evil very quickly, and you are not aware that you will suffer the consequences for a number of years and that you will endure a series of troubles in your life, and that you will not know the cause for that. It looks very ridiculous, unreal, but believe it, very true. I will introduce you to this issue, the problem.

Who are the people who use tarot cards

They are very easy to be recognized and how good they are, because they represent themselves as very good people. People dealing with tarot cards are false believers of Christ or, better to say, disbelievers from God. They say it is not Satanic. You will find that they are lightly in persuading. They know so little about Christ and avoid any conversation about God. They have many problems, both love and business, but the explanation they give is a so-called bad destiny. They all say that through the tarot reading or tarot cards one can recognize the future, solve the problem, improve themselves spiritually, and should not listen to others who distract you from the tarot, and that they know the best. People dealing with tarot cards make a lot of bad things to others, and they do not have the goal to help at all.

Why are they (tarot readers) doing bad things? That is why, after the first enthusiasm, this man will come again and pay again, and thus into infinity, and the problem remained somewhere deep where the tarot cards would not solve the problem. Many tarot readers do not believe in God. There are also educated people among them. The very people who use tarot cards, their life is quite complicated and they do not solve it. They are very communicative and convincing.

Psychological Astrologers mostly deal with Tarot card reading. Almost every astrologer deals with Cartomancy - predicting destiny using a deck of cards. Why then does astrology serve him and what an astrologer is when he can not see the most basic in astrology, but must use Tarot cards? It is very interesting that these very astrologers are actually people who are opponents of every truth, arguments, thay are full of complexes and yet they have the most problems in life. Astrologer is a everythinger today. An astrologer who interprets a tarot cards returns to opportunities and assumptions and he responds to good will. Just look at one astrologer who uses tarot cards, it will not be difficult to be sure of what I am writing about them, about their life and their easy persuasion. Literally, they will force you to cartomancy or tarot card readings.

The Tarot Card Victim

The people who visited the Tarot card reader have to seriously understand the consequences. After a couple of hours they left the cartomancer, they started to have very unpleasant situations, frequent nervousness, depression, melancholy, arguing, insomnia. Everything goes with a lot of sluggishness and difficulty. Love life begins to fall apart. The longer they do not understand the reason why this is so, the magic of cards takes tremendous strength where it was extremely difficult to help such a person later.

A large number of people get sick of an unknown disease. The victim easily becomes dependent on the tarot card reader and the victim often visits the cartomancer. Instead of helping this person, the victim itself begins to look like a tarot card reader, to persuade others how the tarot is super, that's not what people are talking about etc .. just what a tarot card reader says with tarot cards. It is very interesting that they all go "downhill", especially in love life, and always blame others and are inclined to argue for every little thing.

Tarot cards are very harmful to man and try to understand this as a big "WARNING" do not play this kind of black magic as a party entertaiment. Do not use Tarot cards because tomorrow if you go "downhill" do not blame your destiny, blame yourself and your the service of Satan. Salvation always exists. Leave this paganism and seek out the priestly help. A priest can help a person who has only used the cards three times, if he has used tarot cards more than three times, a prist can not help much. Unfortunately, young people very easily accept tarot cards and on the Internet these pages are most common, especially if it is an astrologer who uses tarot cards. Young people are the most victims of this magic - Cartomancy.

The God Warns

God warned people and banned the sorcery called tarot cards because it is Satan's work and his 56 servants that Satan has brought with him, so, every single card belongs to one servant of Satan. Also in the Bible you will come across a lot of warnings about the tarot, that they are God's turncoat (fallen angels), and that He will never accept them without redemption. What is the matter about?

Before the creation of the world, God was surrounded by angels, including the angel Lucifer. To test Lucifer in his loyalty, God gave him a great temptation. He called Lucifer and told him to hand a stone of great knowledge. When this great stone was handed over, Lucifer dropped it out of his hand and a big stone fell on Earth. When Lucifer saw that the stone fell on Earth and knew how much of the stone was of great value for knowledge, he started taking a stone. God forbade him to go to it and if he goes there to the stone of knowledge, it is a sign that Lucifer is turning against Him. Lucifer did not listen to God, and because of his frustration but also because of his greediness to find out the greater knowledge that the stone possesses brought with him the 56th angels who were Lucifer's favored, (the number of tarot cards). As the angel Lucifer retreated from God and became a demon, from that moment he opened the door of hell and evil. God said later, Everyone who turns to Lucifer's deeds and slays him, he is my turncoat! Deeds are just when someone is watching tarot cards or if somebody has a tarot card wishes, such a person gets a huge God's punishment.

One deck has 78 cards and they are divided into major and minor Arcane. The major arcane has 22 cards that represent horrors and mysterious characters, and the minor has 56. cards. Whoever deals with the symbolism would not be difficult to associate 22 and 56, the first number associated with Satan, and the second number for every evil.

The minor arcana are divided into rods, swords, paints, cups, and circles.

Anyone who has been spotted in this kind of black magic is very well aware of everything that follows after tarot card reading.

When you directly ask a tarot card reader to explain to you when he points out that it writes in the Bible "Where exactly is it written in the Bible"? Instead of showing you something like this, often such people say that you are a religious fanatic or you are a frustrated opponent, and then your card readers force you to convince yourself in their cartomacy and they persuade you to try and be sure that it is nothing dangerous and that you can solve many things through them.

Many people have read through the Internet as if it is not harmful or even Satanistic. They often accept tarot interpretation because of curiosity. When a naive man sits on a card reader's story, he has already given Satan permission to work badly for him and his family. Through the manipulation of the tarot card, tarot card reader very cleverly conceals himself that he has inclined to Satan and that he is Satan's servant.

Tarot cards have the power to overshadow and turn man away from God. You're not even aware that the Tarot cards are the cause of all this. You would never think it is something like that.