Branko Zivotin, Catholic astrologer, palmist - Belgrade

Sun in the sign of Orion

"Can you tie up the cords of the Pleiades or loosen the belt of Orion? Can you lead out the constellations of the zodiac in their season or guide the Great Bear and its cubs? Do you know the laws of the sky"? (Job 38: 31-33)


Sun in Orion gives the person a great ability to analyze and resolve self-restrictions of others. The person serves as a psychologist because people confess to him. Sun in Orion gives the person to have difficulty in solving family problems and most often with his father. Sun in the sign of Orion gives the person to enjoy long-term problem solving and puzzles.

The influence of Orion is most reflected at the level of spirituality, as well as in the domain of the unconscious and collective. The person with the Sun in the sign of Orion loves to walk a lot and it will provide relaxation and peace to the person. Sun in this sign gives the person to physically be very lovely and handsome.

People with Sun in Orion constantly live on the edge of self-destruction, constantly reject everything they achieve because of the lack of deep meaning that in the end they see in almost everything. What they do goes beyond what can be observed because they believe that there is a reality for which they are convinced that there is. There are very few people that can distract them from any goal that they set themselves.

They prefer self-discipline rather than to follow the dictates of others for which they think they do not truly know what is best for them. On the other side, those with Sun in Orion, they have a lot of self-doubt when there is a need to express their creative abilities. They should be taught to discipline themselves and to contribute to the disciplined behaviour of others, besides themselves.

They have to cope with a powerful sexual charge that throws them off balance during the life. As a result, they are looking for satisfaction through all kinds of love affairs, which
eventually becomes destructive for personal ego. Then, they get confused and embittered and tend to work on the destruction of what they feel.

The person with Sun in Orion is full of optimism and cheerful, lucky in love and is good at it. Orion likes fun and parties, has a talent for music. His eros is stressed, and he experiences sex in the right way, as the joy of life and emotionally discharging.


Although his activities are oriented on the home and family to a significant degree, he will often break off relations with parents or family throughout life. The biggest changes in his life will experience exactly through the family and home.

Due to the strong emotions and the constant search for expression, requires variety of creative expression such as theatre, dance, music. He must learn to distinguish between passion and desire. Unaccustomed to all the demands of society, trying to avoid responsibility. Because he is more practitioner than a theorist, can practically be exhausted trying to meet the expectations that others have for him. He can be deeply bogged down in trifles, trying to please everyone, so that he loses sight that only God can give the true fulfillment. He is the protector of truth and has a great love of Jesus Christ.

This person will have problems in love. Such problems will include the impacts of other people in his life and especially in love. These impacts will be from the family, and especially from his father, than from sister or from some other women in the family. His life will not be easy because he will be constantly faced with some barriers that he will have to solve. Therefore, he will often be exhausted and there will be a significant loss of strength, but some force will take care of him and push him to go ahead and if he falls to very quickly stand up. He loves sweets and delicacies and he excessively enjoys them.

Sun is in the constellation of Orion does not have the capability or resources of moderation to take things at face value. He believe that others always have a hidden motive. In himself, feels that he must continually run away from punishment and in his running away he leaves behind, like after a tornado, a wasteland of what was once considered precious.

At one point of life will be faced with a conflict of whether to live in the city or in the countryside. It will be difficult for him to understand why others don't give him great respect which he deserves.