Branko Zivotin, Catholic astrologer, palmist - Belgrade

The Ophiuchus Woman - Sun and Ascendant

The constellation of Ophiuchus is related to Jesus Christ. This information can be found in the Bible - sitting on the right hand of the Father of Heaven. This constellation represents God. Women who are born right on days when the Sun is in the constellation or Ascendant (the rising sign) is in this Zodiacal constellation are of special importance as well as those who have a stellium in Ophiuchus constellation. The life of these people is not so easy because they pass a lot of difficulties of some 28 - 31 years but in the depths of the soul they are great optimists despite the fact that they fall into a depressive state often.

What's interesting is that the women with the Ascendant or Sun in the Ophiuchus constellation or sign, their health is very sensitive but they attract around themselves people who are looking for grace and help, and women with the Ascendant in the Ophiuchus have the ability also to attract dissatisfied fools who do not want anything to change except to bother others – glue for fools.

The fact is the women with Ascendant in Ophiuchus provide a very, very specific dress style and they are extremely fond of changing clothes. I do not know any woman with the Ascendant in Ophiuchus who got anything with ease.

Their love is enormous and directed to others. That's why they are demanding. The aquarius is the sign that is misunderstood by others but immediately behind the Aquarius stands the Ophiuchus. Ophiuchus women often get called weird because their behavior is not what others are expecting. The family and friends see them as if they were born on another planet.

The Ophiuchus women possess a strong intelligence immediately after the Aquarius. The most humane after the Aquarius. They are very cheerful and open hearted for all people, but also sensitive and irritable and get frustrated easily and get very angry of little things. And because of that they hardly bear criticism. They can not accept easily if they are wrong. But as this is a sign full of compassion, this sign quickly forgets everything and goes ahead with a lot of optimism.

The conversation with them is beautiful and pleasant in the usual social gatherings and the ophiuchus women are dignified and reserved, but kind and courteous.

Due to the influences of the constellation, they have expressive eyes and others are a bit afraid of them. In their day-to-day behavior, the appearance is withdrawn from the center of activity, and those who know them will recognize the calculated wakefulness that is part of their character.

If their spouses are devoted, the Ophiuchus women will be faithful to them. The Ophiuchus women enjoy cuddling with the partners.

They are excellent friends. Part of the negative side of the ophiuchus women is the tendency to be a lot of sacrifice for all friends even though the ophiuchus women are often exploited by friends. They are able to identify themselves with situations of others because of strong empathy. They are often over-imaginative and prone to fantasy, sometimes trying to shape their lives in order to fit some romantic ideal.