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Ophiuchus Horoscope
November 1 - November 19

Published on October 1, 2019

Ophiuchus rules from November 1 to November 19

Ophiuchus horoscope has not yet been recognized by astrologers as a legitimate member of the zodiac circle, but every day the sign will be increasingly accepted by people, and astrologers will eventually have to accept that Ophiuchus sign is the most important zodiac sign in every individual's horoscope. Ophiuchus, everyone will have to accept it with love, instead of fear of the unknown so that we can better communicate on this journey into eternity. Ophiuchus practices mind control, thought transfer and group dynamics. Thanks to Ophiuchus, it is very easy to see when something will go out, or when someone will marry, marry, have a baby, simply, you can see the complete fate with the years of events.

According to the constellation of the zodiac, it is the opposite constellation of Taurus, where the sun transits in the first half of June. The constellation is briefly seen at dawn in January and February, but its center rises at midnight in March. At midnight in mid-May, the entire area is visible above the eastern horizon. In June, July are short summer nights. It is at eleven o'clock in the middle of September in the evening, and retains its position relative to sunset, that is, after dark it can be seen in this part of the sky until the beginning of November.

The sun enters the Ophiuchus sign in the sky during the November season, when nature changes. It is also the beginning of the next life cycle. Ophiuchus is ruled by Jupiter and Chiron as Ophiuchus rules by the ninth house, a house associated with innovation, spirituality, sincerity.

The serpent-bearer warns people of the sect's rule and of the Masons, and the end of every evil will be in 2045 when the come-down of the Masonic civilization is expected, when a light in the form of a great cross will appear in the sky, which indicates the end of every evil on earth.

Ophiuchus is related to Jesus Christ. So 12 astrological signs are 12 apostles and the 13th is Jesus Christ himself. When viewed from the Zodiac itself, Ophiuchus is a solid constellation who is attached to Jesus Christ, holy and nominated for healing. This Zodiac belongs to 9th degree as he belongs to 9th field. The Ophiuchus in astrology represents the set of all religions. Simply, religion and belief in the Lord, as it shows, is how much a person will advance spiritually.

The main difference between Ophiuchus and other signs is that Ophiuchus does not allow stopping life changes. If any other person can be stopped, stuck, preserved, turned, then Ophiuchus is - "no, go ahead." This is the only sign of the zodiac that refuses to cease, inactivity, conservatism is completely contraindicated. If it stops, it immediately falls apart and falls apart and must move on. The nature of Ophiuchus is that he can only live in such harsh, actually inhuman conditions. But for him, this is the only acceptable human condition.

The celebrities born in Ophiuchus are; Leonardo Di Caprio, Anne Hathaway, Alain Delon, Florent Pagny, Bernard Kushner, Jeffree Star, Whoopi Goldberg.

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Ophiuchus and Decade

The first decade is November 1-9. This decade has been ruled by the star Sun and Mars. Mars is confusing and irritating. On the one hand it is modest, and on the other side has confidence in itself. This decade creates a shady one an organization that manipulates information to control the masses.

The second decade is November 10-19. The planet Venus dominates, and then the person easily become passionate, gentle. They have many talents and gifts and especially for art. They always have a shield to confuse others. The person who was born in this decade of Ophiuchus, women are his role model and inspiration.

The meaning of Ophiuchus

An architect
A gift for languages
A dream interpreter
Jesus Christ
Number 12
Getting grace
Good luck
Touching the dead
Making a talisman
The snake holder
Disease cure
Nice clothes
The love of Christianity
The power of healing
Heir to father
Discovering the sect
The power of prediction
Revealing the Truth
Superintendent of the largest school
Help of Angels
Numerous talents
The saints
Seeker of peace
Great wisdom
The science of God
Big family
Protection against Secret Enemies
High positions

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Profile of Ophiuchus

Ophiuchus is perfect and very sensual, hypersensitive and passionatly gives every effort to seduce and enchant others. This constellation is talking about a seeker of wisdom and knowledge, a visionary, an interpreter of fate, a true one individuality, sages, crisis of change; trauma and the miracle of transformation, the living embodiment of what we strive for, the enlightened, the spirituality, honesty. His mood swings are very intense, especially if his Moon is in a natal chart in Aries, Orion, Gemini, Cancer, Ophiuchus, Sagittarius and Pisces. Ophiuchus rules the 13-month lunar calendar.

Ophiuchus the more time he is unable to achieve his goal, the more passion he will invest and the greater his stakes. Ophiuchus can do anything in order to achieve its goals. Mobilizes all strategies to achieve the ultimate goal and no need to lie or work behind the scenes. Ophiuchus hates treason or throwing. So he seeks out the only being that gives him the dream life to be happy. If he is hurt, he becomes a horrible being. It also has a big one the ability to perceive things. It is a natural charm that is loved and treated as family, and makes good use of hidden techniques. Powerful, stunning and smart and mysterious. He loves power and can tease it, but he likes to perform behind the scenes or behind the veil of ambiguity. With its support it can create or break group and others may depend on it.

Ophiuchus lives in all directions and often changes direction in life. He should beware of anything that shakes him or gives him vitality. Conducts a period of great happiness and a time of doubt. There is a wave of energy, but it depends about who they will meet along the way and who they are trying to conquer. Also, better is to be careful, because it is no wonder that emotions easily explode. Ophiuchus seeks strong loyalty. He wants absolute control of the people close to him for fear of betrayal. Ophiuchus is not necessarily resistant to cold, heat, fasting and radiation. However, conflict can be managed better than anyone and collected if needed. He knows how to coexist love with hate, sadness with happiness and conflict with harmony.

The whole life of Ophiuchus consists of complete opposites - from beautiful climbs to quick strokes. Representatives of this sign can bring great joy and bitter disappointment. They are always moving, always moving. And the path you choose goes only forward. They don't turn, they can't stop - otherwise they collide with the basics and start over. The whole life of Ophiuchus is a continuous journey from one place to another, city to city, country to country. It seems that some kind of rock is constantly moving. Ophiuchus are often accompanied by unexplained events and situations.

Ophiuchus often pushes a vision of reality that does not in the real world makes it possible. Ophiuchus almost always seeks a monopoly because he has a strong desire for ownership. Impressive personality. Passionate and fascinating. A very caring friend who always listens. Friends and family can have absolute confidence in him. He has a slight morbid jealousy. When it feels dangerous or when the situation is bad, it will go into self-destruction, which is not what others intended. He specializes in work that requires closeness and secrecy. He can believe in his work because modesty is the value of this Ophiuchus person.

Ophiuchus "erases" his past and can start living from scratch as if nothing had happened before. Not afraid of dangerous situations, risks, no afraid, loves adventures and adventures. It usually survives in the abnormal situations and is unusually time consuming. If the plane crashes, everyone dies and Ophiuchus survives. Such people will "carry snakes in their chest and flutter dresses, kissing them without suffering poison. "In the life of Ophiuchus always there is a contrast - either a complete fall or a beautiful climb.

Ophiuchus and Love

Ophiuchus men recognize the importance of libido and distribute it there in their lives. In fact, he enjoys immense eroticism and shows it as a dangerous mistress. Sex is a pleasant change of mind and a trip to the endless horizon near it. For a man, it's a natural adventure for eternity. There is also the danger that it may look tired and invisible partner's eyes. However, under the obvious cold, he always gets fierce flames. When a woman understands, shares and likes what a man Ophiuchus does, his love awakens and she is true to Ophiuchus.

Ophiuchus romance is envy. Because love always has a dangerous smell. The conqueror of love cultivates hobbies about physical relationships and dangerous relationships. In fact, real vibrancy and passionate personality mix well and use sexual trump card. It's terribly fascinating and can't get any attention and ignore it wherever they go. They should take care not to hurt themselves because have strong self-esteem. Otherwise their revenge is scary. Cruelly honest, Ophiuchus almost always has a love problem.

Ophiuchus male sexually is not the most powerful constellation. Because it is it's about a guy who doesn't detect emotions, including romance. He has a strong one libido, but hides a modest look. They can be dangerous lovers, but when gains confidence in her partner and her love, becomes very jealous. Then he will be hot insightful and he will be a good operative for hiding sexual desire hidden from a partner. Prefers carefree and unique relationship, and prioritizes the craving for freedom without knowledge hesitation. He is always looking for "very interesting", fearless and exotic lover / mistress.

The women in Ophiuchus are very attractive but their appearance is often sad. The mystery and temptation of desires is the strongest motivation. In other words, insatiable urge and traditional pleasure are not her skills. Although she lacks patience, her wish will be fulfilled soon. Faithful personality, not the moving type. He manages his drive and rarely gets started into a day-long adventure. Ophiuchus woman is scary and honest and guided by absolute craving. Women can easily cast a sexual spell on your lover and overcome them.