Branko Zivotin, astrologer - Belgrade

Correct Horoscope - 13 signs and 13 houses

Ophiuchus – Serpentatirus - Snake holder is the 13th sign of the Zodiac in astrology situated between Scorpio and Sagitarius (248° - 266°). Considered unlucky (13) and as such was never accepted by traditional astrologers. Ophiuchus is also known as Asclepius (son of Apollo), a great healer who learned the art from a snake who becames his wife. He could raise the dead. From an astrological point of view Ophiuchus represents Jesus Christ while the other 12 signs are the apostoles. The snake itself represents the force of nature, good and evil, wisdom, pharmacy, healing and immortality.

When iterpreting a natal chart through Ophiuchus, all that troubles and individual may be seen through this Zodiacal sign. It must be emphesized that traditional astrologers wrongly represent all Zodiac house as well as their division 12X30. The correct zodiac is shown in the table I present on the right. Because of these irregularities in traditional astrology the predictions are rendered incoplete. The fact is that the correct method of astrological prediction (13 houses) requires considerable manual labour and very little computer analysis. When I personaly costruct a natal chart for someone or simply answer a question, I exclusively do it by hand with very little computer use. To obtain the real truth the `correct` 13 house zodiac must be observed.

Many things can be seen through the `correct` horoscope:

1. All about your character
2. Your childhod untill puberty
3. Your youth till the age of 30
4. Life after the age of 30
5. Whose genes do you carry
6. Everything about your parents, brothers and sisters
7. What kind of talent you have and how to direct it
8. All about your sex life
9. Description of your partner
10. When will you marry
11. How many children will you have (male-female)
12. Description of each child
13. Do you carry a curse or black magic
14. How to get rid of black magic
15. What kind of problems will you face in marriage and why
16. Is your loved one faithful
17. How to improve your life
18. All about your career
19. What angel protects you
20. How to save your love and marriage
21. Will you live abroad and when will you travel
22. Court of law issues
23. All about inheritance
24. All about real estate
25. Your health and how to improve it
26. Strenghts and weaknesses
27. Where to invest money to prosper.
28. All about your friends
29. All about your enemies
30. Will you have a cirgery and when
31. What will be the result of a surgery
31. When and how will you die
32. Your emotional life
33. Family relations
34. When to marry
35. What is your orign
36. How will you age
37. Will you hav a serious disease and how to get over it
38. If separated, how to reuinite with your loved one
39. If robbed, find out by whom and how to return the stolen
40. Description of future spouse

This is only a small part of what can be seen from the Correct Horoscope