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The Love, Marriage of a Man Born 1984-1996

Almost every girl or woman dreams to find a normal man who will respect and love her and also the child who will arrive. The family should be on the first place for him. Every girl, woman dreams to find a man who will be an alfa man able to ensure stability, happines, laugh, joy to her. Someone who will be there for her through the shared challenges of a relationship. Every woman dreams a romantic man who is woven of tenderness, love, thoughtfulness, kindness, sincerity, honesty. But, this is how a man used to behave. This is only an imagination. Nowadays, girls and women have opportunity to choose a completely different man, the man who is the opposite of what they would expect a man to be. This is reality and the truth.

Nowadays girls are perfection, beautiful, intelligent, smart, modern, successful. But, all of it is worthless if she has no man in her life who will respect the beauty of her soul, mind and body. Should look at the reality that a lot of women and girls are left in uncertainty over whether their men really love them and are they committed to them in relationships. Many women are single mothers. A lot of women are left to raise kids with little or no help from men. Women worldwide have suffered some form of violence from the men they loved and have experienced bitter disappointment.

As far as back 1990 I predicted and wrote that the girls and women will experience a difficult disappointment, tremendously violence by a man from the generation born between 1984 and 1996 and will not be happy in love if they get married to a man from the generation between 1984 and 1996. I described in detail how the man will behave in relationships, love and sex, his interests. I wrote in detail about the marriages. There will be no love and marriages will end in divorce. Thanks to the man of the new generation most of these women and girls will be alone. Astro-generationally one can easily see how will men behave in society, marriage, love, sex and generally in life and what a girl and a woman can expect from a generational man.

This time I am going to write about the generational man who was born between 1984 and 1996, the nature, attitude and behavior of the generational man and what a girl or a woman can expect in a relationship, marriage if she decides to be with him. The woman who is modern, successful should know how to deal with a man born between 1984 and 1996. No matter how much she likes him and no matter how handsome he looks she should be careful and prepare herself. Natal chart gives in-depth detailed analysis of a particular indiviudal.

The Man Born Between 1984 and 1996

Out of all the generations, the destroyer of family, marriage, children, will right be the mentioned man born between 1984 and 1996. A lot of the men themselves are guilty for their own failure and collapse, especially those who left marriages. Reckless lifestyle that involves alcohol, drugs, promiscuity, changing sexual partners, childish behavior, unemployed, whose life was hanging out in a variety of dating sites, hookup websites, led him to only one place - Chaos, and allowing his life to be just a ruin and downfall. No one is to blame for his actions besides himself, but such man do not admit his failure, but for his inability always blame another person. He always blames others and never himself for problems he has created. If he doesn't have a job, if he doesn't have a love life, if he has no money, he always blames others. Of course, the government is always guilty and politicians. His conversation is reduced to negative topics only.

There is a job for every man and it is his responsibility to find a job if he wants to work but if he is a Couch potato then every stinks for him. When a girl or a woman get the chance to meet such man, and his year of birth is between 1984 and 1996, than she should run away from him headalong. Instead to complain and blaim others for his fiasco, why he does not give attendance at achieving his goals or to do something nice and useful.

The Emotions and Love Life

Emotions of a man from the generation born between 1984 and 1996 are cold, calculated, mercenary. He is narcissus, tricky, cunning, hypocritical, selfish and he easily vilifies a woman or a girl. Most guys born in the generation 1994 - 1996 are emotional invalids! He wants to know everything about others but with hiding everything about himself. His personality is worse than a neighborhood busybody. He thinks he is too smart, all-knowing and lightly shares tips, criticizes but he does not know to give an adivce to himself and to criticize himself. He will manipulate a woman into losing a sens of self-respect and he will lie to her. He will manipulate woman's emotions so that she hold on a minimum of being herself and to serve his interest.

When a woman is dating or wants to date the mentioned man born between 1984 and 1996 she certainly can't expect love, romance, let alone to expect some sort of serious relationship. Largely, these generational men are sofa spud and they are living on the backs of others. These men who were born between 1984 and 1996 will destroy all that is beautiful. He is full of evil, full of hatred, jealousy, envy, malice on someone's success and in particular to the achievement of women and girls. He adores to lie and exaggerate. However, young women and girls quickly reject such a Smart Aleck and set him in a position he belongs to, and they behave in the way he acted. Fortunately, young women ie. girls do not tolerate a man who portrays an alfa male, who is irresponsible and incompetent to carry out his duties and not able to provide a normal life for his girlfriend or wife and for his child.

His only goal is to have sex with a girl and than after sex he spreads rumor and belittles the girl. This is the generation in which men mostly emphasize the God but they are big antichrists. They confirm all this by their acts. They do not follow the commandments of God not at all, althoug they always point out and emphasize the commandments for others but not for themselfs. They should abide by God's law too, but they reject the Ten Commandments. They think they are insiders. A man born between 1984 and 1996, his acts are cruel and he is a calculating person who stacks the odds in his own favor only.

He doesn't appreciate girls, women. He is full of requests in love but he doesn't provide anything in return exept lots of promises using words like "you are so beautiful", "I love you", "spend our lives together" but than he gives opposite of what he promised - sadness, misery, poverty, unhappiness and cheating. He likes to cheat on her girlfriend or wife. When he cheats, it is because he wants to cheat. This generational man will only bring evil and destroy and tear apart all that is beautiful in love. He will lie to his girlfriend or wife. A woman who is married to the generational man, she need a lot of nerves so she could handle him because there is constantly nagging from him. He easily breaks up and leaves his girlfriend or wife, and children cos he is spoiled and self-cenered egoist.