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Is homosexuality a private matter?

Published on June 11, 2020

This suggestion is the product of recent times, of that skeptical liberalism that says to the average man already quoted, “They do in bed what they want, I don’t care, leave me alone! Why talk about it? A private matter! "

A private affair is something that does not extend substantially from the private sphere of the individual into the lives of other people, nor is it substantially influenced by other people.

Sexuality in this sense is, in principle, a truly private matter. And homosexuals want nothing more than to have the area of their lives, which for others, the majority, is actually a private sphere protected by the Constitution, not subject to public pride, ridicule, ridicule, and medieval legislation. In common parlance: society should not reach into anyone’s underpants!

That would be ideal. But as long as the environment and the state attack, the gays are forced to defend themselves. Article, speak, demonstrate, demonstrate. And this, whether good or not, is so logical: as long as the outside world does not allow, or occasionally prevents, someone’s sexual orientation to be a private matter, they have no right to expect those concerned to treat it as such.

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Sexuality is a private matter. Injustice is a public affair

The physical-mental-existential crippling of other people, the tacit agreement with it: injustice. Which should be opposed by any well-meaning person, especially if he considers himself a follower of Jesus, regardless of his own sexual orientation.

And one more thing. According to statistics, at least one in ten men is highly likely to be gay. And most people have well over ten acquaintances, relatives, friends. Unknowingly, he is surrounded by gays, whom he meets every day, talks to, working, drinking beer - or just praying. There is no conflict here. If someone is gay and conceals it out of compulsion but carefully (this is called hypocrisy), it is mostly accepted by their environment.

If you reveal yourself in the same correct way, quit hiding (this is called - now in virtually every language - coming out), you have a good chance of experiencing rejection. Though he looks the same as he did for years, he does his job the same way, he is as attached or not attached to his peers as he was before - in a word, nothing has changed in him or her - yet very often he will be excluded from the class.

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Society does not despise the individual homosexual, but the idea of homosexuality itself, and of thinking and honesty at all. This was done by E.M. Forster Maurice c. In the concluding remarks of his novel, he stated as early as 1960:

... What the public does not tolerate is not homosexuality itself, but the fact that it needs to be thought about. If it could leak unnoticed between us, if a regulation printed in small print were to be recognized tomorrow, very few would protest.

If, on the other hand, this is the case, then it is not the sincere - possibly homosexual - person who is the patient, but society itself, public opinion. And such a social disease we can all die in it, regardless of our sexual affiliation. Healing is a common interest and duty of all of us. One way to do this is to seek and tell the truth.

Among other things, it is worth - and should be! - talk about homosexuality.