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Canada's Horoscope - 2017 predictons

Klikni za Hrvatski jezik

Posted on February 3, 2017

Canada is the world's second-largest country by total area. Canada was the first country in the world to adopt multiculturalism as an official policy. Canada is a multicultural paradise.

Planet Orcus – the Planet of lawlessness in the birth chart of Canada is at declination 18 S 17. It is superbly aspected which clearly shows that 2017 year will be a very good and successful year for Canada.

Ophiuchus constellation is in remarkable good position with planet Orcus also, showing that Canada in 2017 year will introduce a lot of changes for the benefit of citizens, not only prosperity but also easier employment, great freedom and great democracy. Planet Orcus in yearly horoscope for 2017 for Canada brings very much employment to foreign nationals.

Planet Orcus in the birth chart of Canada is in a wonderful aspects with Mars, and Orcus is located on the third degree of the constellation of Capricorn in the third astrological house. This clearly indicates a large federal bureaucracy and beautiful life in Canada. The third house indicates the documents, and planet Orcus is on the third degree while the rise time of the planet is 11:04:53. The Canadians will have to deal with a lot of documents and a heavy regulatory burdens. Collecting data will be very annoying. The fact is, despite a bad bureaucracy at the local and federal level because the planet Orcus is in the 3rd house of birth horoscope of Canada, the life in Canada is very nice and there are so many ways to make more money.

The planet Saturn is in the constellation Ophiuchus in the birth chart of Canada, rise time = 3:25:09 while the rise time of the planet Orcus = 11:04:53 in annual chart of Canada for the 2017 year. I can safely prophesy the economy will grow and Canada will rely on natural resources (oil, mining, etc.) while the Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal will continue to be a very multicultural cities. Education will be very cheap and very affordable for children of low-income households, and children in schools will not be discriminated in Canada.

A lot of people from abroad will get employment in Canada throughout the year and a lot of people will move there to Canada from Europe and find happiness, good job, good salary. The economy will flourish even more. Life in Canada will be very good and salaries will be huge. Canadian doctors will flee to the United States and they will gain wealth. Canada will be happy to receive people from other countries. Education will be cheap. In 2017, Canada will accept many refugees and migrants from the warring areas.

Fast Jobs, Employment – Good Salaries

Planet Orcus is in a good combination with Pluto and Mars, which certainly gives employment in an easy way to all foreign individuals who want to work and live in Canada and to make profits.

When the planet Orcus is at declination 10 N 28 and Mars at declination 23 N 19 clearly shows that many will easily start a private business. If you decide to incorporate, you will then have to choose between federal and provincial incorporation or territorial incorporation.

In the course of 2017, the most in-demand and well-paid jobs will be: nurses, sales associate, receptionists, banker, administrative assistant, construction, scientific and technical services. The mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction sector.

The planet Orcus in the natal chart at declination 18 N 17 and in annual chart of 2017 at declination 10 N 28. The 2017 corporate tax rate will be relatively low. There will be a problem in the real estate market. House prices across Canada will be higher than levels consistent with personal disposable income. A combination of more-expensive home prices, lower inventory and higher mortgage rates will temper activity in the real estate market.

Planet Orcus in the annual chart, located at declination 10 N 28 in the constellation Virgo, rise time = 11:04:53. It will be direct on 21 May 2017. The planet Orcus is bad aspected by Neptune, and ninth and the third astrological houses are under the negative impacts. It can be noted in 2017, the Canadian province of Quebec will suffer the most because the impacts will be reflected very badly on the state of health, and many will suffer from cancer (lung, breast cancer, colorectal cancer). The reason for this will be a natural mineral asbestos that will cause lung cancer and bronchus cancer.

The legalization of marijuana

Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Pierre James Trudeau will work a lot. Trudeau’s liberal changes will strengthen Canadian Foreign Policy. Due to his efforts Canada will become more powerful country. The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Pierre James Trudeau will fight for the freedom of every citizen of Canada and for the legalization of marijuana. He smoked marijuana in the past. He will fight to legalize marijuana and to be used only for medical purposes by prescription while recreational use of marijuana will be illegal.

Planet Orcus is located at declination 10 N 28 in the annual horoscope of Canada, right in the eighth astrological house in conjunction with Uranus, which clearly shows the legalization of marijuana will be in the middle of 2017 year. Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Pierre James Trudeau will change the law on the use of marijuana and enough to protect young people.

The most acts of kindness

In the year of 2017 Canada will be open to migrants and asylum seekers from the warring area from the Middle East as well as for asylum seekers from Mexico. The most acts of kindness towards refugees will demonstrate Canada, compared to other countries. Canadians will offer all manner of help.