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Gay Horoscope

Published Juner 10, 2019

March 20, - April 14,

Gay Aries comes, sees, wins - and goes on. Sure, he has the courage, he’s a true revolutionary type, fiery and passionate, smart and witty, but perseverance, patience and “six tons of emotion” is no longer his career. It is also characterized in love: lively, fast, energetic, temperamental, getting what he wants. She is usually attractive, pushy and irresistible in love, and her love is unforgettable. He lives at a feverish pace, failure doesn’t discourage him, and he loves freedom, casuality - much more than those born of other tickets. The big question for him is always: can you love someone at least as much as you love yourself? If a gay Aries man is interested in a woman, that woman will be conquered, but may be abandoned afterwards. Gay man Aries their favorite sex position is missionary, fast and furious.

April 15, - May 19,

Gay also loves all the good things on earth that can only give him life. The Gay Bull loves everything that serves his comfort and tranquility. A true gourmet, he loves delicious food and drinks, he is really apt to say that he can be caught through his belly… Although he is a bit lazy type and often expects the other to take steps in love and relationship, a fiery lover who cares about physical -spiritual harmony. He likes to give way to everything, including sex - sex life is extremely important to him anyway. He enjoys sex most when accompanied by not only physicality but also emotional attachment. He hugs variety badly, but he likes to meet, make friends, and he loves interesting people, fierce emotions.

May 20, - May 23,

The gay Orion man is a kind and enthusiastic suitor, falls in love easily, and remains loyal for a long time under certain conditions. The emphasis, of course, is on the ‘conditions’, the first and most important of which is freedom. Let’s be loose, receptive, reward your spontaneous ideas, and even throw in similar ones ourselves. He likes the intellectual, witty partner, the much-seen “adventurers”. Gay Orion is looking for support in his partner. You have to be strong and determined if you want to take it off your feet. Yes, but our man is still a man, of the sensitive, easily vulnerable breed, so we need to be careful to make him feel strong and confident.

May 24, - June 19,

Gay man Gemini it is as if two natures dwell in it, one positive and one negative. The positive part is cheerful, witty, life-affirming, friendly and lovable, the negative part is selfish, irritable, offensive and overly success-oriented. It is also from this duality that he tries several professions throughout his life. Can handle the words well, gay Gemini man is an eternal adventurer, a woman can be the center of company. Merely conquering your partner fills you with excitement and enjoyment. Since you are already a dual personality, homosexuality cannot be ruled out at all in your case. True, one of your selves rejects you in principle because you think the encounter of the opposite sex is normal.

June 20, - July 27,

Gay man Cancer and as such, as friendly as he is, so sensitive. Although those born with this trait are subject to rapid mood swings, their most important criteria are adaptability, tenderness, patience, and family-centredness. They have a good sense of humor and logic, kind, open, sociable people. Their emotions are deep and enduring, they don’t like loneliness. Gay Cancer man is a romantic lover, gay Cancer woman is a protector who can do anything for his loved ones. Their emotions are not for a few days, they are deep and enduring. But if they feel vulnerable, they quickly put on their armo. You can’t stand the roughness (max in bed once in a while) and the overly brute force because your heart can be easily hurt.

July 28, - August 17,

Gay leo certainly directs and gathers admirers around him. He needs incessant compliments, and he loves flirtations, new adventures - he couldn’t deny that he’s a fiery ticket in blood. There is a desire for action in him and despite all his egoistic qualities he usually sees and judges things well, he always knows what the right direction is. However, what can be loved about him very much is his benevolence, his good heart, and his strength. He radiates and extends his being to everyone, he can really be looked up to. He expects honesty from his environment, so honesty, openness, and being interested in him and letting him talk about himself also play a big role in his conquest. Gay Lion male is a real conqueror, if he has to, he waits patiently for the chosen "prey" and when he is sure, he "taps" on him.

August 18, - October 01,

Gay man Virgo he is rationality itself. His relationships are driven by reason and sobriety. Cool and aloof, someone who looks at things and understands. His element is the earth and he is quite earthy. He doesn’t like weakness or dreamy, overly emotional people either. A good observer who does an accurate job. It is very difficult to conquer, love develops very slowly with him, but if he lives in a relationship, he plans to be faithful and long-term. Gay man Virgo It’s hard to fall in love because it takes more of everything at once for your heart to flare up. Gay Virgo woman aloof and attractive. He rarely shows his emotions when it comes to love, but is direct and friendly in company. He warms up slowly, but also becomes a loyal companion for a long time.

October 02, - October 24,

You’re a real hedonist, so you’re trying new and unknown things out of principle. Anyway, you love sexual diversity. You have plenty of room to hide in bed with a woman or a man. For both of you, you will see or find in it your own beauty and benefits. In many cases, you are mainly trying to satisfy your creative and artistic self in this way. But anyway, you are a real free soul, you do what you just like, you are not a spoiler of anything good. But if you do choose the company of men, it’s probably also because you love a man’s predictability and security. We know well how stormy ladies can be from one moment to the next. The foreplay is more exciting for him than the act itself. Gay Libra ticket was born a kind, reliable, dedicated companion.

October 25, - October 31,

Your personality is just as strong, sadistic and perverted as that of a man and you love that. And the men who are able to satisfy your high-level desires and with whom you can fight in everyday life, which will enliven not only your sex life, but your relationship as well. You know full well that most women don’t take this to heart, but you don’t want an extra peaceful, idyllic relationship. You want to compete. Not to mention, you know what man are like, they love to have themselves, and it wouldn’t be good for your jealous self. At the same time, you are inhabited by a devilish creature who is curious and loves to try new things. Sex is very important to him, and if he loves and desires, he cannot have enough of it. He's bad at sex!

November 01, - November 19,

Gay man Ophiuchus is often prone to extremes, mainly because he is trying at all costs to achieve his goal. There is no such thing as a Ophiuchus being indifferent to someone: they are either adored or they cannot stand it. He is characterized by a flagging, high-arched passion, but his anger can be devastating. He’s a jealous type, and while he may not be loyal himself, he definitely expects it from his partner. Proud of her sexual abilities, she is attracted to anything that is beautiful, mystical or taboo. She is easy to seduce and hard to resist her seduction. He is a lively discussion partner, but if he is offended, he will not forget and will pay it back with interest at the right moment. He can be a cruel opponent for his anger, but enjoying his trust is a wonderful thing.

November 20, - December 21,

Gay man Sagittarius is an element of fire, so it certainly can’t be said that he would be emotionless and cool in his private life. Sagittarius is a very active ticket and agile: he likes to play sports, to travel a lot, to gather experiences. Gay man Sagittarius he hates lies, falsehood, but he’s not a revolutionary type, much more thoughtful than that. You can get into things with a big start and you can easily please him with love, attention and small surprises. Gay Sagittarius is attracted to the unattainable, but he can be annoyed if he doesn’t get it. His most important trait, however, is that he is benevolent and helpful, honest to the utmost, truthful, and law-abiding, and it is important for him to be one of his partners. He is a tireless suitor whose life is not boring.

December 22, - January 19,

Gay man Capricorn is reluctant to appear weak and perceives the expression of emotions as a sign of weakness. Those who understand him and are able to touch his soul can break through his invisible armor, and those with whom he is not on a wavelength will never be with them. Gay Capricorn is a restrained suitor but punctual, precise and trustworthy who feels much more for his love than he can see. Gay man Capricorn is confident, her appearance is cool and elegant, but in fact she longs for company and mischief. Loyalty and stability are very important to them - it is not advisable to play with their trust! He approaches the problems of life logically, realistic in blood, but it seems as if a stone is glistening in place of his heart. But it just seems!

January 20, - February 11,

A gay man is an Aquarius who knows who he is and how much he is worth, and although he is a self-righteous, liberal-minded, intellectual and artistic-minded, versatile person. The natives of the ticket are also characterized by the fact that they get up easily, but quickly forgive and regain their cheerful state of mind. Thanks to their creative personality, they create a harmonious atmosphere around them, both at work and in private life. Gay aquarius male to female is not a great admirer, eternal dreamer. Gay aquarius man in her relationships is sincere, constantly trying to please her partner, idealizes love, but if they feel they are not appreciated enough, move on quickly…You would definitely try sex because you like new, spicy things.

February 12, - March 19,

Gay Pisces man you know very well how sensitive and fragile you are. That’s why you need someone who protects, supports, and doesn’t bother you if you are sometimes enchanted and live in a separate world. You can easily get such a high degree of understanding and tenderness from a woman. Because of this, you are not even far enough away from you to form a relationship with your own gender. But since you love the safety wings of men, the fact that they are in control, and of course in your magical world, princes are trotting, you would miss them. Which you could even remedy by being with a loving man a little, and an violent man at other times.