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Gay Life and Relationships in Astrology

I have been working in the field of astrology, chiromancy and occultism since 1982. I studied homosexuality in astrology, the influence of planets on sexual orientation for 15 years, between 1990 and 2004. I wanted to know as much as possible about gay people, to see something more when it comes to gay life and love, more precisely, I wanted to know if it is possible to accurately determine whether someone is gay, sexual orientation, astrological indicators of homosexuality. I have traveled the whole world, and I have analyzed and interpreted about 5000 LGBT horoscopes and palms. I was going out to places where LGBT people can gather openly in order to get certain information.

More informations :

I went to the gay clubs, gay chat, in organizations in which gay men and women socialize in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Denmark, Norway, United States, Australia etc. I also contacted professional people such as psychologists, psychiatrists, sociologists, sexologists and they helped me to interpret more credible.

My fulfilled predictions (2004):

I wrote the prediction in my book in the year of 2004. After 12 years of the prediction the Pope himself announced that The church and Christians must say sorry to homosexuals. For a long time my predictions seemed impossible for all the people but time has shown that I made the exact predictions. For more information about the book, click here (read more). For more information about the influence of the planets, click here (read more).

Everything you need to know about relationships

At the present time I make a lot of birth charts and love charts for men and women who are in same-sex relationships in Denmark, Netherlands, Canada, United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Australia, United States. The charts povide a lot of informations about love life and relationships.

Nowadays, many people read astrological columns for fun because a lot of astrologers represent astrology as fun. There is no gay aries, gay taurus, gay gemini, gay cancer, gay leo, gay virgo, gay libra, gay scorpio, gay ophiuchus, gay sagittarius, gay capricorn, gay aquarius, gay pisces.

There is no gay zodiac and signs, but there is astrology of homosexuality (gay horoscope) - the influence of planets on sexual orientation.

I use unique charts for predictions of events in the life of gay and lesbian couples and I speak very piquant details of their life. During my work, I spent a lot of money because I had to pay to get a specific data, abroad in organizations, so in the charts, I provide a lot of informations and answers. The horoscopes with predictions about gay life and relationships is something fantastic for every gay man or woman. Hour of birth is essential to be able to say precisely events. These are examples of questions to answer by using the horoscopes:

1. The life of a gay man or woman.
2. Development of childhood.
3. The beginning of the manifestation of homosexuality.
4. Will You get married?
5. Live happily?
6. What attracts You?
7. How to preserve the relationship?
8. Where to focus yourself and the partner?
9. Will You be cheated?
10. Will you be infected with sexually transmitted diseases?
11. What are the ways to treat sexually transmitted diseases?
12. You get the spicy details.
13. When You will meet partner?
14. Will You conclude a marriage?
15. When will You get a job?
16. How your family view your homosexual identity?
17. What kind of problems You will encounter because of your homosexuality?
18. How can You improve your relationship with your boyfriend?
19. What is your type of man?
20. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
21. What are your passions?
22. What are his passions, strengths and weaknesses?
23. What are yours goals in life?
24. How does he really feel about you?
25. Is there a future in your relationship?
26. Will this be a permanent relationship?
27. How can You improve your relationship with your boyfriend?
28. Gay partnership with your boyfriend?
29. Gay marriage with your partner?
30. Future with the man You are currently in love with?
31. Do You like travel?
32. Which countries are good for you to travel to?
33. Is He cheating on you?
34. Is He going to leave you?
35. Is the relationship really over?
36. Will he come back?
37. Has he found someone new?
38. Did he really love you?
39. Will You and a former lover come back together in the future?

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