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Covid-19 coronavirus in 2021
- New normality 2021 –

Published on September 14, 2020

The fact is that back in 2006, I described in detail the events that are now happening under the term "covid-19" that are current in 2020. In the astrological sense, the events that are present are still visible in the astrological analysis and are reflected in certain areas of each person's life. These events imply the planet Pluto, and exactly what I have described as coming to us, is being realized in 2020, and the cause is stated to be "covid-19". Of course in astrology it is the planet Pluto. What are the events initiated by the planet Pluto? On this occasion, I will indicate the events that I predicted back in 2006, in magazines and on the website. I described the events on an individual level, more personal as well as on a collective, social level. On this occasion, I will equate the term "Pluto" with the term "covid-19" so that it would be in the spirit of the times, and so that it would be clearer to people. Certainly, these are the events.

Covid-19 circumstances, Pluto globally

Covid-19 or the corona virus becomes the most important thought, circumstance, pandemic worldwide. Every day there will be talk about cases, positive cases, negative cases or tested persons and statistics will be created. New Normality will be the gold standard that applies to everyone. Covid-19 in October, coronavirus in November, covid-19 in December. What will be in 2021?

The world is divided and a number of people think that measures of isolation, social distancing have been taken due to the terribly contagious sars-cov-2 virus, and the people must be separated from each other in their homes, they must wear masks in specific circumstances at an adequate distance, so as not to endanger human health. On the other hand, a number of people think that this is a misinterpretation of the covid-19 crisis, and the measures taken against people are repressive, the freedom of movement is restricted, the free expression of opinion is censored, the violence against civilians is perpetrated, against the elderly, against children.

However, what events await us in 2021 and what does the horoscope for 2021 or astrology say when it comes to covid-19?

Under the term "covid-19" coronavirus, a new world is being created. Pluto age represents radical and traumatic changes, which means that everything changes from the root, everything new is renewed, everything is destroyed, the old is destroyed. There will be three groups of people, where all the prophecy of "Revelation" will be fully fulfilled. The only prophecy, a true prophecy! Initially, there will be a lot of problems around the conflict of thinking and accepting the new, and that will last until 2031:

1. The first group will stand on the side of the true God.
2. The second group will believe that the goals of this world are best achieved within the unity of political and economic power, if you want a "new world order."
3. The third group are those who identify with religious Babylon and the goals of the religious confederation, that is, “the paganism” or “world of magic” (interpretation of destiny through tarot, beans, bones…). This group cannot accept that Ophiuchus is a constellation and a sign of the zodiac as it is written in the bible.

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Under the term "covid-19" coronavirus, there will be huge economic downturns. Humanity will experience a series of falls, crashes, rising poverty, huge recessions, stock market crashes, collapses, high interest rates, activation of Freemasons, paganism, sects. Everyone will talk about the Truth and that truth is somewhere far away, people will look in all directions only a lie and deception, only bad situations they will see. Politics and politicians will also highlight their actions. What people need to know is that the people in power and positions, they will hit the poor, raise big taxes and thus get rich and the poor will have to pay. All human rights will be violated in 2020, 2021.

Under the term "covid-19" coronavirus, there will be a period of suffering. By 2023 is a period of violence, killing by uniformed persons, violence against the elderly, all human rights will be violated. A man in these years will fear for himself and his loved ones. It is a period of violence, aggression, unemployment, strikes, revolution. The disease will be blamed for everything, and it will be pointed out that it is deadly. This year, real estate will fall, and everything will become more expensive, and all this will be well thought out by people from positions that will offer various as favorable solutions, but what they offer will only benefit them and not people. The world will be ruled by enormous unemployment, crime, murder, paganism along with Masonic deeds. The old will pray to die and the young will die. The innocent will be arrested and those who do evil will be honored. Drug addiction, alcohol, crime will be the most current in this period and weapons will flourish.

Under the term "covid-19" coronavirus, various experiments will be performed. I made it very clear back in 2006 that pluto represents mass suffering, and in Capricorn, it means that the poor suffer. Various experiments will be performed on the poor and the beggars as well as the poor African countries.

Under the term "covid-19" coronavirus, many will perform manipulations to promote fornication, changing sexual partners and pornography. Many will point out that there is scientific evidence that human viruses do not exist at all and that people need to change their sexual partners. However, they will not be able to hide the fact, and that is that there are sexually transmitted diseases that are clearly visible with blisters and scabs, itching and pain. Those who commit fornication, regardless of the story of the viruses, will continue to have scabs on their genitals, and will suffer from health problems.

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Covid-19 circumstances, Pluto on a personal level

On a personal level, every person is interested in whether under the influence of the "covid-19" crisis, they will have jobs in the future, job changes, job loss. Will the "covid-19" circumstances affect family relationships, planning offspring. Will the marital union survive and how to save the marriage in the new "covid-19" circumstances that are described as "new normality". On this occasion, I will reveal to you the harsh truth that follows on an individual level, and the events and solutions themselves depend on your personal astrological chart. You can expect concrete solutions from me when it comes to business, marriage, love, children and other areas of life.

When I create someone's natal chart, I look at how Pluto is aspected, in which house it is located, in which sign and to what degree. There is no mistake, it can be seen with precision, what a person will experience in a certain period of life or whether this Pluto will be expressed negatively in a person, whether it will be complicated, problematic. Thanks to this Pluto, it is possible to say with precision, exactly one period difficult or easy period in man, it all depends on the transiting Pluto, how it makes aspects to the natal Pluto and to certain planets. Transiting Pluto, so acting on man, I always point out, that in that period, when Pluto touched some planet or was in such an aspect, that it brought instability, enormous quarrels, fights, such quarrels in a marriage, which followed to a sudden and traumatic breakup or divorce.

Love relationships are broken, such hatred is created for each other. I emphasize, there is no good aspect with Pluto and that is the point. No matter how much we want something, no matter how much we like a person, or we have a desire, when a traumatic event happens ... a divorce happens, unemployment happens, we experience robbery, huge attacks on us ... we are we may be brutal, full of hatred, vindictive towards someone. Then, let a person open an astrological chart, an aspect, you will be convinced, that the transiting Pluto made some aspect with some planet and everything is colored with the transiting one.

A man in order to fight and has to fight, because he cannot sit still and watch someone torture him, watch peacefully illness, or divorce, although today divorce is treated as something completely normal, without any feelings, material gain is seen. Today, divorce, the dissolution of love, is not taken seriously, but one tries to shift the blame to each other, not listening to each other and not tolerating many things. The solution exists for every person. You are familiar with the situation that everything is wanted now, immediately, it is commanded, the other side is humiliated, everyone pretends to be smart and the other side is belittled. I deal with such situations very successfully. Here is that Pluto in transit again and here is where our natal Pluto was activated again. Brutal breaks, divorces, various tortures, jealousies, that's all that Pluto brings and in transit when it touches a planet, it always reflects unfortunately bad, rarely brings nice, rarely the planet will bring a person not to be so deeply hurt, offensive temperamental, vindictive, jealous, possessive, commanding, with orders and strong expectations of the other. When someone behaves like that, there is no doubt and no mistake, I easily know and tell the person what must be done, as well as to take certain steps for her or his own well-being because simply he or she must not allow his or her own attitude to destroy others and himself or herself.