Branko Zivotin, astrologer, palmist. Hilandarska 10, Beograd

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Published January 7, 2016

Prediction of Events

I personally have been doing prediction of life events for 35 years to anyone who is adult and who wants to know with hisown free will about the predictions. I also provide very specific solutions for many issues related to love, work, health and many others.

By using predictive astrology ie predictive horoscope, as well as palmistry or eventually a picture that clearly shows person's eyes, I predict future life events and present a clear picture of each person. People are astonished with such precision and clarity in my analysis.

Any service I offer in the area of destiny prediction or correcting certain life problems have to be paid. I provide a certain astrological, numerological or hiromancy service for a certain amount of money. I make all the forecasts very precise, clear, concise, concretely. Thanks to modern technology (internet) ordering and consultations are carried out exclusively via e-mail. I do not provide free interpretations.

Each prediction analysis is done exclusively in PDF format. I send the analysis via email. Specific information such as your questions, birth data, money transfer control number are necessary for this report.

Price List


The Analysis of Business Partners - Business Chart

1000 euro

Comprehensive Detailed Birth Chart

1000 euro

Palm reading - God's Seals in Your Palm

1000 euro

Predictions for Five Years

700 euro

Astrological Chart of Happiness and Misfortune

500 euro

Find Out if You Are Affected by Black Magic

300 euro

Yearly (annual) Horoscope

200 euro

Rectification of the Time of Birth

200 euro

Lovechart Analysis - Love Chart

200 euro

Birthchart Analysis - Natal Chart

200 euro

How to Prevent Divorce and Save Your Marriage or Relationship

200 euro

How to Get Your Ex Back

200 euro

Meet Your Partner's Needs

200 euro


How To Send Money Overseas?

People who live abroad and wish to order one of the astrological charts, can make payment via Western Union.


You may only pay through Western Union:


First Name:Branko
Last Name: Zivotin
Country: Serbia
City: Belgrade
Street: Hilandarska 10

You can contact me via email:

Once you have paid through Western Union Money Transfer, you have to inform me the following particulars:

Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)
Amount sent
Sender's First and Last Name, and Country

The Astrological services provided by me are based upon the birth details, date of birth, time of birth and place of birth provided by you.

I will send you the predictions with answers via email only and within 7-10 days after receiving the payment.




published: December 4, 1990.

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