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Ascendant in Sign

Published June 08, 2020

ARIES ascendant

A vibrant individuality that radiates strength and vitality. Her hair is usually brownish or reddish. It has distinctive features: a full, sensual mouth, a wide forehead and a strong chin. His eyes sit close together, his gaze a little sharp, commanding. Upper body muscular, stronger than lower, legs slightly crooked. A person with an Aries ascendant can take on two possible extremes in expressing his or her personality: either he or she will be a cowardly, timid, compromising, and false peace-maker, or he will be sudden, aggressive, rushing against a wall. Of course, the two extremes appear most of the time, complementing each other.

The parent, until he resolves his ascendant, is likely to behave cowardly in case of problems, but mentally the more he attacks and gets angry. This mental revenge and anger leads to colds, viral infections, flu, headaches, headaches, or other events related to aggression. The primary lesson of an Aries ascendant born in Aries is combat. Your personality will only work properly if you learn to assume yourself in all situations and react immediately and correctly to problems. That is, he learns to fight. Not in a cowardly way to listen and attack in thought afterwards, but to sort things out when they have time.

His ambition is huge, he wants to take it to something, the biggest driving force for competition. Extremely adaptable, humane and socially sensitive. If he notices that this is exactly what is needed, he can change completely, and help will be his top priority.

Dress Style: Even when you are older, your favorite is pants, a casual top, or just a fine cashmere sweater. My favorite color is bright red. Aries ascendants buy most of their denim products, they are well-groomed and pretty even in their old age.

TAURUS ascendant

His most striking feature is his large, open, innocent, yet slightly enjoyable “bocis”, his warm, friendly gaze. His forehead is narrow, his lips are thick, his nose is slightly fleshy, his face is broad and ruddy. The neck is usually short and thick. Ladies are characterized by feminine forms, men are generally robust in stature. Taurus is the second step in creation. Spiritual energy breaks into the physical dimension with the moment indicated by and discovers it (goes on, creates it).

The Taurus instantly stabilizes itself in the material. Therefore, the Bull problem is first and foremost this problem: how do I stabilize myself, my emotions, my thoughts. This raises the issue of safety and neck, but also nutrition (matter) and matter. Taurus tries to gain stability by wrapping material around him. Of course, there can be many variations of this.

A person with a Taurus Bull ascendant must therefore primarily resolve to stabilize himself in order to have a mature adult personality. Of course, this also means Measure (Venus - which is also the ruler of the balance). It is difficult to understand and experience the measure. Because not only excesses and foaming are extreme, but also asceticism and prohibitions.

Calm, friendly, restrained, making it easy to take your surroundings off your feet. He reacts slowly to the things of the world, having difficulty letting strangers close to him. However, if you have welcomed someone into your friendship, are loyal to it, they can count on you. He wants to go through life on his own scale. It is hard for him to have a say in his affairs and plans.

Dress style: Leather and fur are not a status symbol, he has a love of noble materials in his blood. Earth tones in particular really match your individuality. And he’s the one who knows: something goes out of fashion to come back, so it doesn’t throw anything out, but later transforms it a bit and becomes like new.

ORION ascendant

His most striking feature is his large, open, innocent, yet slightly enjoyable “bocis”, his warm, friendly gaze. His forehead is narrow, his lips are thick, his nose is slightly fleshy, his face is broad and ruddy. The neck is usually short and thick. Ladies are characterized by feminine forms, men are generally robust in stature.

They prefer self-discipline rather than to follow the dictates of others for which they think they do not truly know what is best for them. On the other side, those with ascendant in Orion, they have a lot of self-doubt when there is a need to express their creative abilities. They should be taught to discipline themselves and to contribute to the disciplined behaviour of others, besides themselves.

They have to cope with a powerful sexual charge that throws them off balance during the life. As a result, they are looking for satisfaction through all kinds of love affairs, which eventually becomes destructive for personal ego. Then, they get confused and embittered and tend to work on the destruction of what they feel. The person with ascendant in Orion is full of optimism and cheerful, lucky in love and is good at it. Orion likes fun and parties, has a talent for music. His eros is stressed, and he experiences sex in the right way, as the joy of life and emotionally discharging.

This person will have problems in love. Such problems will include the impacts of other people in his life and especially in love. These impacts will be from the family, and especially from his father, than from sister or from some other women in the family. His life will not be easy because he will be constantly faced with some barriers that he will have to solve. Therefore, he will often be exhausted and there will be a significant loss of strength, but some force will take care of him and push him to go ahead and if he falls to very quickly stand up. He loves sweets and delicacies and he excessively enjoys them.

GEMINI ascendant

Mobility flows from his whole being. Generally athletic, thin, boyish build. His head is toad-shaped, slightly bony, his eyes open, inquisitive, his eyes yellowish-brown or blue. The nose is usually thin, the mouth is thick, the ears are slightly protruding. Her hair is blonde, although it may turn slightly brown over time. A person with an Ascendant Gemini tends to gossip, perform, show something different than who he really is, tends to judge superficially, think superficially, tend to spin, hurry.

A person with an Ascendant in Gemini must understand the analogy, that is, he must learn to think vertically (inward) and at the same time he must understand the problem of crisis, the crossroads - more precisely, that only one path can be chosen at a time, the other path, and the choice has consequences. Gemini is prone to lies and self-deception. Therefore, one typical disease is lung disease (such as pneumonia), which is a disease of lies.

The person with Gemini does not pay enough attention to analog logic and, through analogy, to the deep exploration of things. It usually superficially arranges what you need to do. Twins like to reason about things they know little or only about, have heard of, or read about, but without having full knowledge of that thing. Therefore, it often happens to typical twins that they are smart about something, and then it turns out that they didn’t know enough about the topic and the situation. It is very important for the twins to get to know everything they are interested in to the fullest. Of course, this is when it will turn out that you are interested in a lot of things that you do not have the opportunity to fully explore, and you have to choose from many interesting things. This is where the arrowhead opposite the twins - Jupiter - comes in. The twins belong to the worthless trinkets, the kitsch. No matter what, it should just be colorful and interesting.

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CANCER ascendant

It can be recognized by his dreamy gaze, his distant, sparkling eyes, his round, slightly pale face. The ladies are of medium stature, strong at the hips, with large breasts, short necks, and shapely legs. Their mouths are big, sensual, their teeth a little irregular.

The first important lesson for people with Cancer Ascendants is to learn the ability to absorb information as they become adults. But let’s look at Cancer Ascendant even in the phase when it works negatively: the parent is hypersensitive, perceives the outside world as hostile, doesn’t dare to take on things and take responsibility, so he would always hide behind a stronger personality (parents, master). emotional outbursts, prone to rape, attack, defend violently, tend to alienate from people and the environment, grow armor, ultimately so afraid of new information that it closes all possibilities and becomes “unreachable”.

Cancer’s big job is to open up to new information. Because you are hypersensitive, you should turn this hypersensitivity into information sensitivity, but you find all the information too sharp, dangerous, and therefore shuts down. If there is no one to protect you from the cruel world, you will grow violent armor. In the case of Cancer, this armor growth and withdrawal is an important element, as it is the spiritual basis of cancer (tumors). To be isolated, not to participate in the community, to become self-righteous.

A person with a Cancer Ascendant must first learn that the outside world is not his enemy but his helper. Pretty slowly and gradually you have to learn to let in information from the outside world and digest it, to absorb it. You must slowly demolish its defensive walls.

LEO ascendant

Straight posture, straight walking. Relatively large head, arched forehead, stocky, strong upper body. The legs are shorter than the physique justifies. His eyes have wide openings, called cat eyes, his gaze fearless, penetrating. The chin is wide and round, there is also something cat-like in his facial expression. It tends to gain weight in old age. The shoulders are broad, the neck is strong, the tip of the nose is mostly square. Lush mane and slightly piss, broad nose most prominent. Its whole appearance is powerful. Shoulders broad, keeping straight, “royal”. His forehead is tall, with thick, cat-shaped eyebrows arching over his large cat eyes. Jaws strong, mouth sensual.

He does not like ordinary, lowly things, and although he has never been a diligent student, he still reaches a high position in his life. As a child, he knew how to stay away from the crowds. He gains "royal" manners, natural dignity, and thus not only awakens admiration in others, but also envy. She strives for the maximum in everything, whether it’s home furnishings, careers or raising her children. He is playful, loves to have fun, play sports, compete, measure - and win! But not only in sports, but also in gambling. If you don’t take care, the game becomes an incurable passion, making your life and that of your environment bitter.

The Lion’s born ascendant, as long as his ascendant acts negatively, is always “benevolent,” “ordinary,” “understanding,” but these are not virtues but flaws in him! Precisely because it should not be ordinary, and agreeing to everything, and nodding at everything, but the exact opposite: whoever tells, who takes it, who fixes it.

VIRGO ascendant

Her exterior is restrained, her dress is characterized by cleanliness. Her hair is usually brown, her body is thin and boyish. His gaze is a little pungent, critical, his eyes gray, and they sit close together. His forehead is high, his nose is usually bent eagle. Her face is regular, her mouth is thin.

The Virgin is the cult of existence. A cult is metaphysically the practice of life in which man carries the spirit into matter, that is, it transcends matter. Therefore, one of the life tasks of a man with an Virgin ascendant is to make his personality cultic, that is, to learn to do everything with spirit and attention. As long as the ascendant acts negatively, all sorts of spiritless forms of activities will appear.

The negative Virgo includes work mania (mindless robotics), one aspect of which is that one avoids turning inward, paying attention to the inner voice, and occupying oneself with work. So he doesn’t want to turn to himself and pay attention to things, so people with such a problem tend to run away from all their worries to work. If they have a mental or intellectual problem, they immediately start doing something, such as cleaning, washing dishes, or assembling a car.

The negative Virgo also includes customs. People with a virgin ascendant, until they learn the cult, are strongly attached to customs, because in the case of customs they do not have to take responsibility for their actions or think about it, because so it is "a custom." Then a lot of work done as compensation is transformed into workaholics and habit mania. And a lot of work, mainly because one neglects to deal with the spiritual, turns inward, causes chronic diseases.

Dress Style: Whatever you wear, the overall look is always elegant. He avoids casual, loose-fitting garments, and chooses the more conservative varieties from the style trends. She loves boots, especially when they are made of soft, split leather. Men like suits.

LIBRA ascendant

Its appearance radiates harmony, its appearance is always well-groomed and demanding. His physique is also proportionate and fragile, although his shoulders are full and round. His nose is straight and his face is dimpled. Attractive, kind and Adheres to traditions, demands recognition not only in public life, at work, but also at home, among his family. People are happy in his company because they see that he is not only talented but also has a high degree of social sense, a diplomat with whom he can easily speak. He has a brilliant ability to listen to others, an incredibly valuable quality. He views the world calmly, objectively and realistically. It almost lubricates people who share their opinions. He suffers from a harsh environment, sooner or later he escapes from there. He is happy to postpone what needs to be done, especially decisions of a sensitive nature, because he hopes that they will be resolved on their own.

In the solution of Libra, a stable relationship is necessary, in which one learns to collaborate, share and create balance. A person with a Libra ascendant should learn the measure and strive for constant balance. At the same time, Libra is also related to the knowledge and feeling of truth. Indecisiveness stems precisely from the reason that the parent is uncertain about the truth and at a given moment cannot assess which path is to be chosen spiritually.

A person with a Libra ascendant tends to make decisions hard and without thinking, fearing that he will not be indecisive again, in which case he is prone to all sorts of extremes, where he becomes insecure and begins to fear the consequences of his decision.

SCORPION ascendant

Although not a classic beauty, it has a strong sexual radiance. The two halves of his face are usually asymmetrical. The neck is short and chunky. His eyes are mostly dark in color, and his gaze is researching, seeing in his kidneys. His ideal partner is the Sun-Signed Taurus, who is a master of slow desire-seeking. He is courting for a long time and is sophisticated, cultured, and tastes good. He is patient, his physical strength is unremitting, so it is only natural that he is known for his perseverance in the bedroom. Great appetite for sex, available at any time for a little sex. A Taurus never leans out halfway through the distance and is attentive, likes to pamper his partner.

He can achieve great success in the intellectual field, but he can stand his ground in any position because he can master everything. Since death is a natural thing for you, you are happy to risk your life even if you have to. His willpower is invincible. It follows that he also takes on a job that seemingly exceeds his strength and then successfully completes it to the great amazement of his surroundings. Anyway, it’s part of his basic nature to love challenges. Many times he wants to prove himself not to others but to himself.

She has a captivating lounge, a magnetic personality, and is often dangerously hypnotic in appearance. Everyone notices his penetrating gaze. People are attracted to you because they recognize how big hidden reserves you have. His image is always renewed, even after the greatest trauma. This ability alone is enough to arouse the envy of others. He loves to argue, he loves to criticize, and he usually emerges as the winner from every word duel.

Dress Style: She usually dresses boldly and prefers darker shades because these tones further enhance the mysterious allure that flows from her. If you can afford it, you will choose pieces marked with the names of the most fashionable designers.

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OPHIUCHUS ascendant

Poorly proportionate build, parts of the body slightly irregular. The two halves of the face are sometimes noticeably the same. The head is quite large, strong, often wavy hair. His face is broad, his cheekbones are protruding, his gaze prickly, hypnotic. Her skin is pale, her neck is short and her bones are strong. If you are obese, you will not look fat either. Her hips are long and her legs are short. She has delicate little ears. His gait is disciplined, measured, his appearance is mostly attractive, sexually pleasing. What you consider important in life: Privacy and its tranquility. He longs for a home where no one bothers and where he can relax perfectly. He does everything for his family, he is able to be completely subordinate to his loved ones. He strives for a leadership position at work.

Ophiuchus is perfect and very sensual, hypersensitive and passionatly gives every effort to seduce and enchant others. This constellation is talking about a seeker of wisdom and knowledge, a visionary, an interpreter of fate, a true one individuality, sages, crisis of change; trauma and the miracle of transformation, the living embodiment of what we strive for, the enlightened, the spirituality, honesty. His mood swings are very intense, especially if his Moon is in a natal chart in Aries, Orion, Gemini, Cancer, Ophiuchus, Sagittarius and Pisces. Ophiuchus rules the 13-month lunar calendar.

Ophiuchus the more time he is unable to achieve his goal, the more passion he will invest and the greater his stakes. Ophiuchus can do anything in order to achieve its goals. Mobilizes all strategies to achieve the ultimate goal and no need to lie or work behind the scenes. Ophiuchus hates treason or throwing. So he seeks out the only being that gives him the dream life to be happy. If he is hurt, he becomes a horrible being. It also has a big one the ability to perceive things. It is a natural charm that is loved and treated as family, and makes good use of hidden techniques. Powerful, stunning and smart and mysterious. He loves power and can tease it, but he likes to perform behind the scenes or behind the veil of ambiguity. With its support it can create or break group and others may depend on it.


Serenity and serenity flow from it. It is characterized by a tall and athletic build, broad shoulders and hips, and long, muscular thighs. His eyes are usually distant and blue. Her upper lip usually protrudes better than her lower.

A person with an Sagittarius ascendant must learn to see into perspective. You must shape your faithfulness by using your experiential knowledge to build a correct internal order of importance, a hierarchy that will serve as the foundation of your faith and on which you base your life decisions. The hallmark of a negative Sagittarius is hypocrisy when one drinks wine and preaches water.

Such a man may have a strong judgmental and moral-demanding attitude, a critical action, but he only tries to disguise his inner disbelief. Many times you can live your entire life in a lie because you are unable to synchronize your practical experience with your faith. Most of the time, he believes in external things, waiting for outside help. One of the faults of a man with an Sagittarius ascendant, in a negative case, is idealism. There is an ideal in your mind about everything - not quite true to reality - to which you compare things.

He longs for peace and tranquility. Romantic and dreamy, he often builds air castles, as he most often considers the realities of life too gray, unanimous. Law-abiding, you usually need a framework to help you navigate the world. It’s hard to bear the injustice, even if it happens to hit others, not you. Entrepreneurial, enthusiastic and ambitious. But it is difficult to calculate his reactions because it is never rationality but his emotions that guide his actions. He loves variety, he has a hard time staying in one place.

CAPRICORN ascendant

It is characterized by a thin, fragile build, bony limbs and a long neck. It has aesthetic, symmetrical, yet rigid features. Her gaze is prickly, her mouth thin, often clenching her lips.

The ruling planet of Capricorn is Saturn. Saturn is a planet of universal responsibility. It is about how much responsibility one can take for the things that happen to him, or whether one is able to listen to one 's higher self, learn, develop, and be serious. It is the job of the person with the Capricorn ascendant to develop a responsible personality. Of course, this responsible person is the personality of the adult (the truly adult) person, as only adults are able to take responsibility. Therefore, it is the job of the man with the Capricorn ascendant to reach adulthood.

It’s hard to approach, lets few people close to you, and rarely shows off your emotions. Of course, this does not mean that you are insensitive. He merely suggests that he is afraid of disappointment and sees fit in showing nothing of the world’s inner desires. His self-esteem is healthy, in fact, sometimes so much that in the eyes of strangers it already seems like arrogance or snobbery. His appearance and manners are usually conservative, as is his relationship with people. He is always three steps away from everyone. Even in the presence of his immediate family members, there is a kind of suspicion in his soul, as if forever he fears that he is not loved enough and is left unfaithful once. He loves money for himself and is almost frugal to the point of misery. There is no high income that you can afford to spend a little carefree.

Before this real, responsible adulthood takes place, the Capricorn ascendant manifests negatively and manifests itself in inhibition, generosity, rigidity, often almost childish stubbornness. Failure to bend (accept) the knee before fate will hurt the person’s knee, however, the Capricorn mark can also be linked to bone health, blood calcium levels, atherosclerosis or osteoporosis.

AQUARIUS ascendant

The Aquarius ticket has two ruling planets, Uranus and Saturn. Saturn is a planet of universal responsibility, Uranus is one of freedom. Therefore, Aquarius symbolizes true freedom, and one of the life tasks of a person with an Aquarius ascendant is to understand and experience true freedom. She has a tall, slender figure. Its most striking feature is its dazzlingly blue and possibly green eyes. Its face is rectangular. Her lower and upper lips are roughly the same thickness.

They say a star is free as long as it orbits on its own orbit. If you deviate from this path, you will be in eternal bondage. A person with an Aquarius ascendant must really understand this axiom, because Saturn is the law — that is, our own destiny, our own, our own cross — the responsibility for our destiny. If we believe that freedom means that we can do anything, it is wrong.

It makes a calm yet exciting impression on the outside observer. No one sees how boiling his soul is, in what tension he lives. You have to decide your own destiny, others would hardly be able to create what you need. If only because his brain goes to a different guy than most. Ingenious, creative, his thoughts often precede the age in which he lives. He’s honest, trustworthy, and he doesn’t want to run away from his responsibilities, he just wants to do things differently than others expect. He also loves diversity in relationships. It's hard to commit. Although he is moving towards his goal according to his own rhythm, he is able to establish relationships with various people and social strata. His quick thinking and perception make him a very motivating companion. However, he is incapable of average life.

The first rule is that with my freedom, I cannot interfere with the other person’s freedom. The second rule is that I have to take maximum responsibility for everything I do. According to the principle of Aquarius, I can only become truly free when I exercise real responsibility.

PISCES ascendant

It is characterized by a dreamy look, distant blue eyes. Your face is usually round, your mouth is fleshy, and your face is biggyed. Its features are gentle, soft. It is prone to obesity, mainly in the hip region.

The dominant planets of Pisces are Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter has already been mentioned in the case of Sagittarius, Neptune is the universal unity - an experience, an ancestor of love. Pisces is the one that connects with the universe, which understands that everything is ONE. However, this is not really possible without sacrifice, because to understand unity, to understand God’s identity, one needs sacrifice. One of the problems for a man with a Pisces ascendant is the problem of sacrifice.

You want to receive things, to have emotional and spiritual experiences without sacrificing for them. In this way, however, it becomes dizziness, self-deception, self-deception. To live in unity, you also need to be aware of the boundaries, so responsibility must not be forgotten either. As long as a Pisces ascendent man is unaware of his limits, takes no responsibility, has no correct value judgment, and makes no sacrifice, he is: prone to dizziness, self-dizziness, prone to lying, especially to himself, living in an imaginary world, an imaginary life, beyond reality rude, cruel, rather avoidable, prone to narcotics, all mind-altering drugs that obscure cruel reality.

Pisces is the process through which we understand that only well-distinguished elements can be combined. I can’t make a unit until I’ve examined the elements separately. In examining things, we arrive at the correct value judgment in which we become aware of the value of each thing. Once you have that, you can create a unit, make a living.