Branko Zivotin, astrolog, palmist, numerologist - Belgrade

Uranus in Taurus - Homosexuality in 2018

June, 2018 - June, 2019

"Hail Mary, full of grace. Our Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen."

Published June 3, 2018

Astrological Map of Homosexuality
June, 2018 - June, 2019

Croatian Catholic astrologer Branko Zivotin - Belgrade - State of Voivodina. Regarding homosexuality in astrology, there are two types of homosexuality. There are innate homosexuals who are under the rule of the Uranus planet and socially acquired homosexuals who are governed by Neptune and Pluto. In today's time, the acquired homosexuals are present in the greatest number.

They are primarily engaged in prostitution, gay for pay, fornication and deviant sex. They will only propagate such characteristics and misdeeds, and will be extremely violent during Uranus in the Taurus constellation. Planet Uranus in the year 2018 will be in Taurus constellation at declination 8.9891 and will be in the star sign until January 2019 and then will reach declination of 10.4805. These Uranus declinations will be most prominent during 2018 and 2019 with the most intensive influence on homosexual orientation.

The declination of Uranus in the Taurus constellation on May 2018 is at 10.7222 and Jupiter's declination is at -16.2961 in Ophiuchus star sign, and the planet Orcus is at declination -9.7639 in the constellation of Virgo. The declinations clearly indicate that such declinations, especially when the planet Uran is in the Taurus constellation at declination 10.7222 and Jupiter in the constellation of Ophiuchus at declination -16.2961 in 2018 will not bring any kind of same-sex community legally to the transvestites and homosexuals in the orthodox countries, but no one of the countries will forbid anyone how and with whom to live with. Orthodox countries have never been involved in unmarried relationships and the same applies to homosexual relationships because the states do not enter into sexual relations and do not monitor the relationships.

A lot of enjoyment for Homosexuals in 2018

The May, 2018 – June, 2019 period will be the best time for homosexuals. Uran's declination is fantastic at 11.6757 in Taurus and Jupiter is at -16.2961 in the constellation of Ophiuchus. The location of the planets will bring all gay people relaxing, partying, holidays at sea, pleasure, a new sexual partnerships, new adventures and special destinations for homosexuals will be Budva, Montenegro, Rio de Janeiro, Miami, Florida, Hvar, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Belgrade, Spain, Amsterdam, Sao Paulo, Chicago, San Francisco, while in many Catholic countries, the number of gay marriages will increase. In the Balkans, the Belgrade is the safest city for homosexuals, and many gays from abroad will make visits to Belgrade, because human rights are protected, there is no discrimination and provides homosexuals with various adventures and pleasures.

Family Law

Jupiter has been at declination -16.2961 in the constellation of Ophiuchus since May 2018. Saturn is at declination -22.2459 in the Taurus constellation. These declination of the planets guarantees that throughout Europe and even in all Orthodox countries there will be respect of the human rights of the transvestites and homosexuals and that the police and law will react to whoever attacks tranvestites or homosexuals. Transvestites and homosexuals will continue to be protected in all Orthodox countries, especially in Serbia. Many Catholics, Orthodox lands will introduce many laws that will protect transsexuals and homosexuals, especially when it comes to violence against them but this law will not apply to any parents and every family who have a transsexual or homosexual child will be able to freely leave such a child away from the testament, as every parents will be able to throw their own homosexual child out of the house. The law will protect the family and will not force the family to accept anyone by force if they do not want it, even when it comes to their own homosexually oriented child.

Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) will be doubled

Aquired homosexuals who are under the rule of the planet Neptune and Pluto, will receive God's punishment through various diseases. Planet Neptune is at declination -6.4196 and in combination with planet Saturn located at -22.2459, while the constellation of Ophiuchus is in strong combination with the planets. Such a combination clearly talks about God's punishment that will be among aquired homosexuals and transsexuals, bisexuals. "men doing shameful things with men and receiving in themselves due reward for their perversion." (Romans 1:27) It refers to God's punishment that will be through obtaining various sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS and HIV that will spread among transsexuals, aquired homosexuals and bisexuals. This group will receive the other punishments of God. In addition to sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, HIV, many transsexuals, aquired homosexuals, bisexuals will also get these sexually transmitted diseases such as:

- Chlamydia trachomatis
- Hepatitis B i C
- Cryptosporidiosis
- Mycoplasma
- Genital warts
- Syphilis
- Genital Herpes
- Anal Cancer

- Trichomoniasis
- Gonorrhea

US cities with highest STD and HIV rates will be San Francisco, Miami, New York, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Jackson, Washington, Memphis, Orlando, Atlanta, Columbia, Baltimore. US states with highest STD and HIV rates will be California, Georgia, Nevada, Louisiana, Florida, Texas, New York.

Homosexuality and Religion

Do you indeed approach men with desire instead of women? Rather, you are a people behaving ignorantly." (Quran 27; 55. Surah An-Naml - ants)

The Church and all religions are clear about homosexuality. That's how it will continue because the Uranus in the constellation of Taurus by no means brings changes in religion.

Planet Uranus is at declination 10.7222 in Taurus constellation, while Saturn is at declination -22.2459 in the constellation of Capricorn. Two strong declinations give a clear view of homosexuality in Orthodoxy. I guarantee as long as the Uranus is in the Taurus star sign that no one Orthodox country will bless same-sex community, let alone perform the wedding. They will not accept transsexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals because they violate God's word and because the groups respect the exclusively Sodom and Gomorrah, heavy fornication.

Churches that are ruled by Uranus will perform weddings homosexuals and they are: The Church of the Metropolitan Community, the United Church of Christ, and the Church of Unitarian Universalist. They will bless the homosexual community and these churches will perform gay weddings

Pope Francis the head of the Roman Catholic Church What the Pope thinks about homosexuals

If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge?" I am glad that we are talking about 'homosexual people' because before all else comes the individual person, in his wholeness and dignity," he continues. "And people should not be defined only by their sexual tendencies: let us not forget that God loves all his creatures and we are destined to receive his infinite love. I prefer that homosexuals come to confession, that they stay close to the Lord, and that we pray all together," says Francis. "You can advise them to pray, show goodwill, show them the way, and accompany them along it. This orientation is not a problem. We have to be brothers. The problem lies in lobbying for this orientation, such as the problem of lobbying the greedy, political lobby, the lobby of the masses, so many. That's a bigger problem."

Patriarch Irinei the head of the Serbian Orthodox Church

Homosexuals are the same as pedophiles

Homosexuality is a big mistake. Perhaps a mistake of nature, perhaps a habit ... it is not for us to condemn, but to help to eradicate this disease. If gay sexual orientation is justified and should be propagated, why is not the same for pedophilia (massively spread in the Western world), for incest, for zoophilia and other ways of satisfying deviant sexual instinct? Why is their right less than your right so-called "sexual orientation"?