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The role of house in love

Published June 15, 2020

The houses are examined in the same counterclockwise direction as the 14 signs of the Zodiac, and the significance of each house is closely related to the sign associated with it. Thus, since Aries is the natural ruler of the first house, the first house is qualitatively similar to Aries. The main difference between the effect of tickets and the effect of planets and houses is that tickets describe the strengths and weaknesses of the planets that are “within them”. Houses represent the environment or place within which life takes place, where planets move and express themselves through their traits and aspects

I. house

House I is the house of existence, the house of the awareness that the body is the instrument of life, to protect the spirit. The ticket at the top of the first house, the rising ticket says a lot about the individual’s personality toward others. Describes physical appearance, manners, and gait to make a good impression. The planets in House I are usually immediately noticeable, so their positive or negative aspects affect the first impression one makes on others and either make it easier or harder to find a partner. In sexuality, the planets in House I usually make the individual play games of influence and dominance, for this reason the individual’s overall impression of the beloved partner is more important than the form or quality of the sexual expression. These people tend to express their sexuality through role-playing for a intended effect rather than through spontaneous lovemaking.

II. house

It symbolizes the natural resources of the individual. It shows how rich or poor you are financially and how you achieve your finances. The ticket at the 2nd peak indicates how the individual values and spends the money. Because House 2 either strengthens or weakens its physical or financial security, its impact on love relationships is only indirectly sexual, to the extent that love is identified with money by the individual. The Horoscope, where there are many planets in House 2, indicates a person who is very interested in worldly things and the values associated with them, it also shows how you own your partner.

III. house

House 3 can have an important impact on a love affair because it controls an individual’s ability to add interest and variety to a sexual expression. In addition to dominating the verbal expression, House 3 dominates short writings, letters, love messages. The ticket at the top of House 3 indicates the content and quality of the individual’s communication with others. If there are multiple planets in House 3, the individual can intellectualize sex to a point beyond pleasure and turn it into a complex spiritual practice, ignoring the most basic needs of the body. House 3 has a certain ability to sexualize ideas and objects, they can overemphasize this tendency all the way to fetishism, or sex can become so intellectual that bodily pleasure is lost.

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IV. house

A IV. housing is important enough for issues of love and sexuality because in part it describes an individual’s early upbringing and how they see themselves, which profoundly influences sexual development. At birth, the IV. a ticket at the top of a house shows what dominant characteristics or values an individual internally identifies with. A IV. house gives a strong self-image to the individual to readily jump off any difficulty. The strong IV. house also tends to make the individual build long-lasting and creative relationships because he feels internally secure and can live effectively on this stable foundation. The unfavorable aspects of the planets here mean that parental habit has had a negative effect on an individual’s ability to live in peace with his or her own sexual identity, making it difficult to relate to both sexes. It is difficult for such a person to experience a disappointment without emotional injury.

V. house

Traditionally, this house usually dominates children and child blessings. Against this background, it is easy to see that House 5 is closely tied to the forces of love and creative self-expression. The ticket that dominates the 5th house shows how close an individual is to the heart, whether it is open or closed, impulsive, or cautious. House 5 has a very enjoyable effect on sexual expression, and the positive aspects here give the individual an open and healthy approach to sex. Sex is considered a form of refreshment and pleasant communication and not a transcendent or ego-liberating experience. The unpleasant aspects of House 5 exaggerate this playfulness or prevent sexuality all the way to freedom. In general, however, sexual dysfunction is not indicated by House 5.

VI. house

House 6 has an indirect impact on sexuality, through personality and the resulting lifestyle. House 6 is where an individual’s life takes place with some meticulous regularity, these traits also passing into sexual expression as security or a tendency to dominate. The ticket at the top of House 6 indicates how the individual arranges and arranges their personal life to take care of everything they need. With a disordered lifestyle, the individual tends to joyfully set aside the cumbersome tasks of daily life because of the joys that are more difficult to capture with love, which is thus an inspiring, though not realistic, feature. House 6 includes teaching and learning, the individual can systematically approach sex, mapping out all its parts to be thoroughly informed and able to live effectively. You may have a natural talent for practical knowledge about sex.

VII. house

Above the horizon and opposite the I. house in the VII. house symbolizes the experience of the individual - not of himself but of others. In discussions, this house is of great importance because it represents the individual’s need and desire for an additional partner. A VII. a ticket at the top of a house identifies the partner that the individual is likely to be attracted to. When we judge relationships, the significance of this house should not be overlooked. If there are many planets in VII. house, the role of the partner is given great emphasis; the planets here often describe the ideal and sometimes the real partner for the individual. In general, a well-established VII. housing helps establish a secure and emotionally equal relationship. If the planets are in an unfavorable aspect here, there may be an imbalance in the relationship, or the individual may be attracted to an inappropriate person.

VIII. house

House 8 is known as the House of Death, Sex and Renewal. Because it is attached to Scorpio, House 8 has dark and mystical features. It is also known as the House of Secrets, and sexuality and death are often seen as taboo topics. The ticket at the top of House 8 shows how the individual handles sexuality. Because House 8 is quite secretive, it has a fogging effect on sexuality. If there are many planets here, the individual is likely to be attracted to somewhat enigmatic partners. The hidden nature of the surroundings of House 8 makes it difficult to understand the energy of each planet within it. The well-lit planets in House 8 allow for an instinctive understanding of sexual mysteries without stress or frustration. But the unfavorable aspects here mean that the journey into the unknown will have many pitfalls. This applies to sexual experimentation where the outcome is unknown and where there is no going back if the situation derails. There is always some mental, even physical, risk to such trips.

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IX. house

House 9 determines how resourceful and adventurous an individual is in discovering new directions in life. The mark at the top of House 9 shows what areas these discoveries could capture sexually or otherwise. With a well-supported 9th house, an individual can move freely in sexual terms without being tied to outdated ideas. The unfavorable aspects here can hinder sexual discovery for reasons that the path chosen leads to confusion instead of pleasure. House 9, which includes many planets, reduces interest in detailed sex scenarios because they stand in the way of a comprehensive picture of love.

X. house

House X is more interested in the impact of an individual’s career and reputation on the relationship than the relationship itself. At the zenith of the Horoscope, House X describes the pinnacle of success we desire to achieve in this life. Here we look up to those who have power over us and work to get to know the material world perfectly through career and work. The ticket at the top of House X describes how the individual looks to climb to the top and indicates which area of the work is best for him. If there are many planets in this house, the individual is actively working on his or her career or reputation, and sexuality is only in second place. The things symbolized by House X do not reflect an individual’s basic sexual style.

XI. house

This house indicates an individual’s opportunities to meet desired partners and make lasting friendships, with or without sexual intercourse. If there are many planets in this house, the individual gives a lot to the style of the potential partner, he decides on this basis without really getting to know the other person. If the potential partner does not meet the individual’s expectations, the relationship will end before it begins. In general, an active 11th house means that an individual has many friends, whether they are lovers or not, with good aspects, friends provide good entertainment and support.

XII. house

The last house, the 12th, is the box that hides all the secrets of the unexperienced experiences of the previous 11 houses. The ticket at the top of House 12 shows what debris you need to get rid of in your psychological storehouse. A12. house is generally thought to not promise much good to anyone in a sexual experience. The planets here and their aspects may indicate past love mistakes that lead to hardship or disappointment. However, if the individual is able to learn from his or her mistakes, the 12th offers one of the deepest and most exciting sexual experiences because it represents the elements of sexuality that are most completely hidden and repressed. A thorough discovery of this empire can be fascinating and lead to a wealth of inner understanding and unexpected joy. In all cases, the things marked by House 12 must be treated with care and respect, and not only as potential dangers, but as a source of inner discovery.