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The role of Saturn in love

Published June 14, 2020

Saturn means reality as order, rules and structure, old age, the abbot, discipline, growing up for a social role, self-discipline, leaders, bosses, our limitations, and the areas of life where we have to work.

In partnerships, denotes an older or more mature partner. It usually refers to a lasting, destiny relationship. It also shows how responsible we are in our relationships, how reliable and burdensome we are.

Saturn represents sexual conservatism and inhibitions in general. Complex aspects of Saturn usually imply negative or self-restraining behavior. This effect is likely to develop early in life. In the light aspects, Saturn contributes to the permanence and perseverance of love and a sense of honesty, honesty in friendship, which is part of a long-term relationship. Sexual, safe, successful habits, and courage. The more complicated aspects make the owner uncertain and afraid to replace it with something new. In the long run, Saturn is courageous and character-building, either through affirmation of success or through a struggle to overcome emotional difficulties.

Saturn in Aries

Very impulsive? Saturn in me, the first Aries can be quite dynamic. You may be the first to dive into it, start a project, or start a new trend. You’re probably a pretty demanding partner who doesn’t tolerate a thoughtless partner. He expects you to be treated with respect and love and will not let anyone take advantage of you. It is a property worth a fortune that spares you many sorrows and helps you avoid exploitative relationships. Because your standards are high enough, it can take a long time to find a partner who can meet your needs properly. This time does not pass uselessly, for it is better to be without a companion for a time than to waste your time on an unworthy one. You probably have an awesome quality of how you can replace an overly naughty partner. But reserve this ability only for those who deserve it, not to waste words on minor sins.

Saturn in Taurus

Practical luxury and comfort are extremely important to harness the stabilizing energy of the Taurus - but do you have a real source of your bubbly desires and caviar dreams? You can think about the money class, live in a fantasy world, and learn hard lessons about budgeting and delayed gratification. Beware of laziness too. Learn how to charge Bull instead of sleeping, otherwise the opportunity will pass you by. You can become an incredible money manager with a little elbow fat and have a brilliant career in finance. The hospitality and fine goods market can also be your way. The enthusiastically watches the beauty and may one day have a brick-and-mortar store. This physical love work is very significant, this gift is more valuable than a dozen items in general, this is especially true for love toys and bedroom equipment when you want a personal touch rather than a factory product.

Saturn in Orion

In judging his very patient partner, he gives him plenty of room to make mistakes before he is angry or offended and blames him. This is an admirable feature, but you need to moderate it wisely, otherwise a poorly chosen partner could take advantage of you. No matter how hard it hurts you to be offended once, it’s hard to erase it from your brain. Some of the misunderstandings stem from forgetting or refusing to let your partner know what’s wrong. You expect your loved one to feel the difficulties without you even saying a word, which only leads to even bigger problems. Be more approachable when it comes to your love’s suggestions, especially on how to bring more variety into your love experience in order to rejuvenate their relationship. Your partner is likely to have more talent in initiating change.

Saturn in the Gemini

You tend to briefly communicate your partner’s needs and problems in a relationship. However, these few words have great power and impact. Depending on how sensitive your partner is, this approach will solve the problem. Or with the intensity of your message, it almost destroys your love. Sometimes you can miss a goal by choosing the wrong words to understand yourself with your partner. On the other hand, you may want to take your partner’s comments too seriously before deciding how serious a critique is, waiting for it to recur. He tends to tear things through the relationship and spends a lot of time clarifying the aspects that seem to be most critical. Therefore, you are probably the one who makes the long-term decisions, while your partner prefers to handle the day-to-day affairs.

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Saturn in Cancer

This position shows that you are a little hesitant when it comes to sexual inhibitions, which can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. Either he flags his inhibitions proudly, or he keeps them completely hidden from others, but even from himself. People with this attitude either suddenly break out of confinement or stay there forever. You don't have an intermediate solution either. The gradually increasing sexual self-awareness found in some other positions on Saturn does not occur here. The development of sexual awareness is most easily achieved through erotic imaginations. It should not be a lazy daydreaming, but a strange imagination of erotic fantasies that seem exciting. If these are exciting enough, unsettling, they are likely to strike strings in your individuality that need to surface. Not only will you be given new erotic stimuli, but you will be able to balance your sexual intensity, making it easier to express.

Saturn in the Lion

He looks at sexual pleasures more systematically than most people. She likes to carefully plan a love affair because she feels more comfortable when she can seek pleasure in well-defined circumstances. Then you can experience the special talent with which you plan your lover's festive occasions of enjoyment, special evenings, for which both responsibility and merit belong to you. You probably have fairly clear ideas about exactly what sexual pleasures you like and what techniques you use to achieve them. But this approach shouldn’t stop you from using your sweetheart’s imaginative ideas and new directions. You certainly don’t want these ideas to come as a surprise, but if you get some prediction, you’ll find enjoyment in a lot of things that haven’t happened to you so far. He usually moves pretty slowly in pleasures, he doesn’t bite off, just as much as he can chew. While you don’t rush to try the latest techniques, your pleasures don’t even backfire in the form of immoderate consumption.

Saturn in the Virgo

The details of a relationship are often unreasonably important to you, so you will be happiest with a lover who gives you the affection and love in the areas where you value it most. While you need this attention, don’t make excessive demands on your partner and don’t condemn him if he doesn’t live up to all your expectations. You probably have the ability to ensure that the relationship is perfect in every way. You won’t miss a single opportunity to delight yourself and your partner. This is a great feature, but it can drive you and your love crazy. Too much attention to detail can obscure the overall direction of the relationship. You enjoy sexual diversity, especially if your partner suggests it and you don’t have to be inspired in this area. However, she wants to keep control of the sexual direction of the relationship in her hands so she doesn’t suddenly fall into an unexpected scenario. Sometimes he is jealous of his sweetheart, especially, which means physical loyalty.

Saturn in Libra

Relationships are both a blessing and a thorn in your side in this life, as the theme of Saturn is about partnership. It can be difficult to find the right balance between transmission and reception. With the return of Saturn, he gives the difficult truths about what is really necessary for them to live together in harmony. Saturn’s return also heralds a marriage proposal or the dissolution of a relationship on a trembling basis. The Harmonic Libra and Seventh House people bring a loving atmosphere, but you can struggle with boundaries and lose some of your friends before you learn to define boundaries. They can pull you into the law, fashion, or sales as your career, as they deal with justice and beauty in the same way.

Saturn in Scorpio

They are ambitious and strive for authority for which they give almost everything. With a positive Saturn position, they use fair means, but with a negative aspect, they tend to fight with unfair means. Money, power, sex! Using Saturn in Smoky Scorpio or the Eighth House is not easy and soft. You can cope with abundance, fear of success, or suspension of the body - but the return of Saturn offers an incredible opportunity to work on it. Who knows? At the end of this stage, a yogi, dakini or energy broker may emerge. Like Phoenix ascending from the ashes, something must die for transformation and rebirth to take place. During Saturn’s return, you can deal with a huge loss that shapes your life path, or you can discover your own psychic strength. Your career can include medicine (you’re not afraid of blood) or helping people through personal crises and transformations. You find that you are an alchemist who has turned gold into the world.

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Saturn in Ophiuchus

Sexual fulfillment ranks high in the ranking of your physical needs and is probably quite demanding of your partner. Therefore, you should find a sexually active lover who can be very attuned to your urgent needs. If significant failures are value or neglected for a while in love, it becomes malicious and resentful, which adversely affects subsequent relationships. It takes a lot of work while you can leave these experiences behind, but look at the new relationship with clear, open-minded eyes. On the other hand, he remembers an attraction for a long time, he finds an old sweetheart dear long after both of them have entered into a new relationship. If your love helps you at a critical time, you will be rewarded a thousandfold. He looks at real value, not just how much effort his benefactor has put into it. Because she is intense about sexuality, she is prone to extremes in love, both physically and emotionally. He seeks self-resolution in the sexual experience, and this is only reinforced separately when a relationship sweeps away.

Saturn in Sagittarius

His style is in a relationship of constant movement, and gathering new knowledge. Others face the problem and either defeat or fail in battle until you manage to avoid the situation or make evasive moves until it passes. But trust in movement and change can only be made for problems that are not too deep. If a situation doesn’t want to go away, trust your partner and then he or she will do the job for you. Because you will need a persistent, reliable partner. If complications arise in your relationship, look at the sunny side of things, cheer up your partner and yourself. You are sure that the problem will be solved between the two of them and everything will end well. If he refuses to receive misfortunes gloomily, he has already exiled sorrow and strengthened their agreement, not so much with determination but with hope and good humor.

Saturn in Capricorn

He manages his life soberly and practically, rarely letting problems overwhelm him. Rather, he fixes them methodically and promptly. In fact, your ability to plan ahead helps you avoid major problems in a relationship because while you are building, you carefully avoid such situations, so you can support a partner who is less stable than you. In fact, such a partner is an exciting challenge because he enjoys having his partner’s bastion in trouble. Such a role is a creative expression of an opportunity for talent as a friend and companion. You have enough patience to accept the good, the bad together, and build a workable long-term relationship. You don’t dive into a relationship, you just wait for a partner with whom your relationship is complete and worthy just for the sake of the relationship. With the help of your loved one, try to overcome your innate conservatism because it will bring even more spark and excitement into their relationship.

Saturn in Aquarius

In a love relationship, you have the ability to retreat and look at problems from the outside, which protects you from making far-reaching decisions in the heat of the moment. Further develop this priceless talent, even if your partner accuses you of cold blood. Especially when you need to end a relationship. In retrospect, your objective opinion will usually be correct and you will be glad you followed. It has the ability, but not necessarily the tendency, to maintain multiple strong relationships simultaneously without any trouble. However, this is likely to be much more difficult for your partners, so be careful not to put too much emotional strain on them if they endure less than you. In love, as long as it’s not stable, it’s likely you’ll be left alone, but once you’re calm down, it won’t move. It’s more of a convenience than a mood aspect.

Saturn in Pisces

For you, security is best provided by the constant emotional attention of a sensitive, affectionate partner than financial security. To some degree, she feeds on emotional communication and feels hungry when she does not have an active love affair. As a result of this talent plus emotional experience, you can be a good judge of emotions. If you understand what is real and what is not, you will not get away with the fake. He demands honesty and sensitivity from his partner. When you find the right partner with these qualities, you are extremely self-sacrificing to take the relationship forward. This is an admirable trait, but it cannot make up for the fact that they have to face problems together. In an emotionally difficult situation, don’t let your love blind you to hurt in the end, there are such phases in every relationship. More specifically, you are most comfortable coming out with a partner who is more practical than you and who can have a stabilizing effect.