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The North Node and the Ascendant

Published on July 28, 2019

When interpreting the position of the North Node in the horoscope it is very important to take into account the sign of the Ascendant.In doing so, you get a greater understanding of this compass that is the North Node, which continually points us in the direction in which we must move. The incorporation of the Ascendant in the interpretation process provides a broader point of view that allows us to understand why the Lunar Node is there and not in another position. The Ascendant and the North Node are thematically related. The Ascendant and Descendant originate from the intersection of two planes: our horizon and the ecliptic (the zodiac). The east point of our horizontal plane (where the zodiac rises) is called the ascending or ascending point, and the west point (where the zodiac is hidden) is called the descending or descending point.

There is a proverb from Lao Tse that says: "A journey of a thousand leagues begins with the first step." We can imagine this trip but, as long as we don't take the first step, we won't have started it. Our life consists of many first steps.

The Ascendant and the North Node are two indicators that refer to the theme of the Lao Tse proverb. The Ascendant is an indicator of direction towards the goal of my trip, that is, towards the inner goal of my life. Most people are not aware of this goal but are heading towards it. In his life they follow unconsciously predetermined paths, such as those who follow the markings of a path. That is, we walk a path without being aware that we are doing it. The Ascendant is the path and, at the same time, the goal. It shows the quality that each one must develop to reach their own goal. As a distant goal, it attracts us and makes us move towards it. The simple observation allows to verify that, in the course of their lives, people clearly develop the qualities of the sign of their Ascendant. However, when we do not see the road markings around us, it is not always easy to know where we should go or what we should do. This is where the North Node comes into operation, showing us the first step or the immediate starting point to continue moving in the right direction. The North Node always indicates a certain direction and shows us what we can do and how we should behave to get out of the difficulties. It tells us what position we should take to continue growing and what our growth depends on. It is a direction indicator that we can always use even if we do not see the distant goal.

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Example of the relationship between the North Node and the Ascendant

In order to understand the relationship between the North Node and the Ascendant, it is advisable to perform the exercise of relating these two elements to each other in terms of their meaning (that is, qualitatively) in several horoscopes. How can the first step be compared with the goal a thousand leagues away? What do both points have in common? They are often found in different areas of the horoscope. Sometimes, the definition of both points seems different; for example, when the North Node is in a sign or in a house that not only does not harmonize with the Ascendant sign but is totally different (for example Ascendant in sign of fire and North Node in sign of water). With these contrasts, you may have difficulties at first. However, it is surprising to see how both points are related; as, in fact, the first step that the North Node demands takes us towards the goal of the Ascendant.

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Example horoscope

In the attached example, the North Node is in the 12th house. In this horoscope it unequivocally represents a counterweight to the agglomeration of planets in the 8th house and, at the same time, is a corrective element of the character. With the large number of planets in Leo and in house 8, this person constantly needs public to feel valuable; however, the North Node demands that, consciously, make the effort to withdraw within. With the first step towards house 12, this person must develop the ability to be alone. Whenever problems or conflicts arise, you must withdraw to your interior to reflect on the next development step. This happens through the conscious abandonment of external bonds and dedication to you. You must retreat again and again to your “place of inner retreat” to find an answer to the questions: “What do I expect from others? What do they want from me? What do they really need?"

The reflection in the inner space itself becomes a safe internal refuge where, freely and independently, the person can aspire to the highest spiritual peaks (which are the privilege of Capricorn in the Ascendant). You must learn to live alone, leaving behind the dependence of others. This leads to the process of individualization of the sign of Capricorn where, in solitude, it crosses peak experiences that initiate it to the mysteries of life. Then comes the internal turn in which the person must descend from the mountain to show others the way of ascent. Hence a true leader. After the high flights and after the internal turn, this person must be willing to return again and again to the place where the others are to show them the way to the summit. This return is carried out correspondingly purified, strong inside, and knowledgeable of both the true needs of others and what she can give.

This is reflected in the esoteric seed thought of Capricorn:

"I am lost in the supreme light and in that light I turn my back."

In the long term it is advisable to try to define the North Node itself precisely and repeatedly implement what it demands. Over time it is verified that what is started in this way has a total affinity with the quality of the Ascendant. This is a verification of the connection between the North Node and the Ascendant. However, it should be borne in mind that the Ascendant must be strictly seen as a spiritual goal and not as a "foreground" goal.

In the "foreground", the Ascendant is the mask that we have developed as a result of the education we have received and with which we present ourselves to the environment. It is a role we play and with which it is better not to identify because it hinders self-knowledge. From the spiritual point of view it is the distant goal, that quality that the soul drives us to develop throughout life. To approach the understanding of the spiritual quality of the sign of the Ascendant, an esoteric seed thought is used for each sign.