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The Lunar Node Horoscope

Published on July 28, 2019

The third horoscope is the Lunar Node Horoscope. The Ascendant of the Lunar Node horoscope is the Ascendant Lunar Node of the base horoscope. From there they are counted 30º clockwise and the cusp of house 2 is taken. The cusp of house 3 returns to 30º and the same It happens with the rest of the houses. In the new horoscope, the planets and the signs that are located in a specific home horoscope usually go to a different house. In this way subliminal motivations are visible whose effects we knew but did not recognize as our own motivations.

In the Lunar Node horoscope we also have twelve houses or areas where twelve different motivations can reside (or more, if several planets are in one house). The desires we have are manifested in twelve areas of life and we must be able to understand them. Unlike the other two horoscopes, in the Lunar Node horoscope it is valid (to some extent) to consider each house as something separate. We can define each individual position as such. In these areas of life we ​​find unique demands. The emotional self (represented by the Moon) has the ability to see the entire world as a unit but its understanding of it is totally subjective and devoid of logic. The Moon, which symbolizes feelings and is the main instance of the unconscious, does not need logic. It has absolute demands: "I am and I want".

From our conscience, the Lunar Node horoscope (also called the mirror horoscope) is somewhat confusing and not very palpable, and is inverted as if it were a mirror image. That is why we have a tendency to reject and repress (and therefore to make a shadow) the contents that are deep in the unconscious and that are reflected in this horoscope. But, frequently, these unrecognized contents make us uneasy and confuse us. Sometimes it also happens that some of these contents emerge spontaneously (for example, in dreams) and then we tend to misinterpret them.

In dreams, space inversion is rare; however, the confusion of the temporal succession of events is quite common. We accept that the sequence of events is like the one produced in dreams because our rational understanding is used to doing so. But, in the translation to life, the sequence does not have to be the same. Sometimes we dream real things that we have experienced some time ago and other times what we dream come true later. Time distortion is more disconcerting than optical spatial deformation, which we can easily turn around. This, which also has to do with the mirror effect, is clearly evident in the case of people who have parapsychological powers and can foresee things.

In these cases, certain temporal issues are often misjudged because, in the image or in the vision that the person has had, the facts have been presented in an objectively wrong sequence or because the person misses the magnitudes of the time dimension. For example, you may believe that a certain period of time of vision corresponds to a day when, in reality, it is a year.

Many psychic contents that we know from having experienced them in life have inverted proportions in the specular zone of the Moon Node horoscope or shadow of the personality and, precisely, show motivations that we have repressed for considering them wrong and not being able to integrate them properly. This is, in reality, the mechanics we face when we work with the Moon Node horoscope. We want to explain it in more detail.

Meaning of the lunar nodes in the base horoscope

The Moon is one of the two luminaries that illuminate day and night. Specifically, it is the night light and, in a psychological sense, it represents the night side of our psyche, the sinister, the dark, the singular, something that by itself is not visible, the shadow side (the shadow), etc. In this context, the concept of shadow does not have a negative connotation but refers to values ​​that remain hidden.

In the lunar sphere there are certain contents that are not always accessible from the conscience and that, occasionally, are manifested through dreams. Our life during the sleep phase, numb in the unconscious, has always been related to the Moon. Except in the (few) days of a full moon, the Moon always has an illuminated and a dark part. Here we will deal with the dark side of the person, meaning "dark" not something negative but something unknown, difficult to access or that is not in the light.

Therefore, the Moon is something dual and ambivalent. This lunar duality is reflected in a multitude of things that are revealed as polarities that seem to be excluded and that do not admit any intermediate level between white and black. On the Moon lies our habit of dividing everything in black and white. A unique feature that creates difficulties in our relationships with others.

The Moon is our emotional self, our instrument of perception in contact and our need to be loved. With our emotional self we explore the environment and classify it as sympathetic or unfriendly, good or bad, black or white, etc. That is why we feel so disappointed when, after approaching a person with sympathy and seeing in it at first only good things, we discover their negative points as life unfolds in common.

The Moon, our emotional world, is also a place of multiple illusions. All our memories are fixed on the Moon and a good amount of our past lives there too. It is located on the dark side, in that area that we cannot access from our daytime consciousness.

The Ascending Moon Node or North Node

In the base or radix horoscope we only draw the aspects with the Ascending Moon Node or North Node because it represents the positive possibilities of advancing on the development path. The Lunar Node Descending or South Node is easy to identify: it is exactly in opposition to the North Node. This node plays an important role especially when it has a planet in conjunction or quadrature with it.

As an indicator of the next step to be taken along the way, the Moon Node can be compared with the needle of a compass. But it is not a universal compass but an individual compass, since it has to do with my path in life. When I am lost in the undergrowth and do not know where to continue, the North Node tells me the direction where I should go. Probably what is required of me is not easy to carry out but the position at home of the North Node clearly shows in what This is my next step, here and now.

A widespread definition of the Lunar Node is what describes it as a point of contact. Tacitly it is supposed to be contact with someone but it doesn't have to be that way. In some cases it may indicate contact with people, in others it points to objects, in others to situations or opportunities, in others to certain activities or professions, etc. In any case, for many people it is a point of permanent opportunity and continuous development.

The main information that can be extracted from the Lunar Node is derived from the definition of the house in which it is located in the base or radix horoscope. Secondly, the aspects must be taken into account. In the planets that form aspect with the Lunar Node we see help instruments that can be used to realize the indicated starting point. As for the zodiac sign in which the North Node is located, it is a less personal point (in its movement, the Lunar Node is a year and a half in each sign). Experience shows that, effectively, the Node Lunar is very effective as a force for correcting character and as a “direction indicator” for development itself.

The Moon Node is also an unconscious power and, as a result of maturation, should become a conscious spiritual function. It is related to the processes of expansion of consciousness, especially those that occur through contact experiences, the sensitive reaction to what we find and the total acceptance, participation and involvement in what happens to us.

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The Lunar Node Descending or South Node

Since the Moon Node is related to the Moon, it also has to do with our own past: in particular, with concrete realities of that past. Thus, the Lunar Node system, especially the South Node, can bring up old habits. Medieval astrology defined the North Node as "Jupiter's point" and the South Node as "Saturn's point". This contains a truth. Jupiter is the planet of growth and is related to the expansive forces. On the other hand, Saturn is related to the paralysis, with the past that still creeps and with what has crystallized in the form of abilities, old habits and abilities. So much if we refer to childhood as if we think of previous lives, in both cases It is about the past and, most of the time, the South Node refers to habits for which we have felt a lot of love.

It can also be about virtues or capabilities but these should always be seen from the perspective that, at certain moments of growth itself, a talent can be a handicap for development, as the old proverb indicates: "Virtue becomes vice" . The following words of Hermann Hesse perfectly describe this situation: "Just as every flower withers and every young man yields to age, all wisdom and talent bloom in time and must not last forever."

When a capacity develops to perfection, it tends to become static. It may be that I feel so good with a certain capacity, that I no longer open my eyes to look for new possibilities. Then, talent becomes vice. This is what this Saturn point of the Descending Moon Node indicates. At this point I can prevent my own development by not wanting to change. The South Node is a critical point that I should consider but that I should use only with great caution.

For example, a North Node that, regardless of the position by house and sign, only receives red aspects is a clear indication that it is difficult for the person to use it. It has a tendency to use the easiest path of the South Node and it is even easier if there is a planet in conjunction with it (which, therefore, opposes the North Node). Something similar occurs when a planet forms a quadrature with the North Node and another quadrature with another planet that is in the South Node. Then a performance triangle is formed that always indicates a rigid state of consciousness. In this figure there is a kind of "magnetic force", that is, the person follows the path already built.

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The rhythm of the nodes

We have already mentioned that in the horoscope we only draw the North Node because it is the point that indicates the possibility of advancing in the development process. On the other hand, the South Node indicates and shows what is left behind me, the past, what I have already learned, what I can "do with my eyes closed." It is a point where further development is not possible, a point of paralysis in the sense of the proverb: "The paralysis is setback"; A way back. However, the nodal line (the union line of both lunar nodes) refers to a rhythmic event.

On the Moon resides the rhythm of growth and regression, the rhythm of ebb and flow, of increase and decrease of the Earth's surface (tides), of birth and death, etc. That is why the person aware of his North Node, that is, aware of his path, must also include in his life his South Node at an adequate rate. If you live consciously of the North Node, this rhythm usually appears naturally. Just as on a pilgrimage there are moments of walking and resting according to a natural rhythm, in the same way, from time to time, we can rest on what is already known and on what we have confidence.

Both in relation to the Ascending Moon Node and in relation to the Descending Moon Node, we must also clearly differentiate between a life lived unconsciously and in a reflex way, and a consciously and individually organized life. When we mention the dangers of the South Node, we talk about the reflex management of this node but it should also be borne in mind that its conscious use can represent a “bottom” that we can always use, a possibility of regeneration, a possibility of occasionally allowed regression and necessary. Throughout this process it is important to find the right proportion and the right pace. This has a lot to do with the "art of living".