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Ophiuchus compatibility with other Signs

Published September 19, 2019

Ophiuchus Aries

Aries and Ophiuchus are dreams for each other! They almost blend in, they both behave spontaneously, their emotional manifestations overflowing in one direction or another. Kost is quickly fascinated by the spirit of Ophiuchus, his inexhaustible stories, and in return receives not only sincere admiration but also flaming love. They get along really well with each other. Because they are both fueled by a desire for action and generally optimistic about life's challenges, they are not bored for a minute. Their spontaneous behavior and optimistic outlook on life is a guarantee that they can easily reinvent themselves in the difficult moments of life. And because there is curiosity in both of them, they sometimes stray from each other, but they soon find it. And even forgiveness is not difficult. Because there is always forgiveness, because Ophiuchus is not even able to take root, even after Ophiuchus, and after a while, Aries is attracted by new temptations. Because they both want freedom, they generally respect their partner's needs. So they get out of the common nest, but after a longer or shorter period of time, as if nothing had happened, they always return to each other. Therefore, their relationship can last up to the grave.

Ophiuchus Taurus

There is hardly any common space where their ideas can be connected. Maybe only in art. The reformer Ophiuchus is baffled by the stubbornness of Taurius. In almost everything, they hold the opposite view. They don't really notice each other, or if they do, their first impression is how annoying the other is. And even if love burns in their hearts, it will fall asleep after some dating. The Taurius cannot stand the Ophiuchus' stinging behavior and whistles for all social norms. He doesn't even understand how someone can live so smoothly without limits. Ophiuchus, on the other hand, will be allergic to Taurus Conservatism. It annoys the slowness and thoughtfulness of the other. That you only decide on the smallest issues in life if you have thoroughly studied the matter. But perhaps it is even more difficult to bear the fact that once you have made the decision, you will not be able to change your decision. He sees it as a fossilized fossil, unable to keep up with the rushing world, and not only in his dress, but also in his views on love, is the subject of ridicule in the eyes of Ophiuchus. Ophiuchus likes to follow his mood, his feelings. She enjoys the moments of the moment. When you go on vacation, you don't plan ahead, sleep where you are. The Taurus would rather not start with it.

Ophiuchus Orion

If they happen to meet somewhere, they will sizzle wildly with each other, and by the time they are awakened, love will "evaporate". Because Ophiucus sneaks into the house doorway, he considers superfluous the gentleness and caress, the eternal "foreplay" that Orion longs for. They live in a different rhythm. Ophiucus is too fast for Orion, Orion is too slow for Ophiucus. But what annoys me most is that you have to spend every minute of it. Orion feels his attachment to a handcuff, his sensitivity is hysterical, and he can escape his jealousy in another's arms. Orion thinks Ophiucus is too hot, trying to grab it again and again (with little success). They live in a different rhythm. Orion would not like to get out of bed, but Ophiuchus longs for freedom, independent life, friends, adventure, and drowns in constant care. Orion considers his fiery counterpart insensitive, incendiary, and tries to give him a better sense of perpetual pouting and a smile. The martyr role is a good tactic at first, because it manages to soften the heart of the Ophiucus from time to time, but after a while, it does just that - forever.

Ophiuchus Gemini

It is better not to engage in an emotional relationship. Although water and air are not enemies, they are difficult to come by in the long run. At the beginning of their love they both feel as comfortable as the spring wind shakes the lake water. But as time passes, the twins are increasingly unrestrained by the Ophiuchus. And this relationship will be like when a stormy storm swirls the waters of the raging sea. They probably come together in the beginning because the Gemini is just disappointed and gets some consolation. Then you might be able to accept the baby chant. But otherwise, he feels drowned in the flood of love that Ophiuchus shakes every day. And you get an allergic rash when your partner says a thousand times, do you love me? And he gets really angry when Cancer's couple asks where he's going, whom he meets, and especially when he comes home? How could he answer it, because when he starts he might not even know it himself. The ever-growing debate is causing family storms that will end in a shipwreck, and that will end up in Gemini. The Ophiuchus bear the break, become morose, martyr.

Ophiuchus Cancer

Most of the time they avoid each other because their interests and temperament are not the same. They're not really good at each other. Not only are their temperaments different, but also their purpose in life and even their view of family life. So they don't really look for each other's company. If they do come together anyway, then the initiator is, of course, the Ophiuchus, who is driven by his curiosity: what it is like to be someone who doesn't even notice him. He throws everything to conquer Cancer, and if he succeeds, he is not happy at all, rather suffering from eternal jealousy. Of course, if they somehow succeeded in reaching a common denominator, they could complement each other really well, for the prudence of Ophiuchus could be offset by the prudence of Cancer - and yet the Cancer could give Ophiuchus his partner happy hours if he succeeded in acquainting him with love. Cancer has the extra patience it can withstand the vibration of the other, but Ophiuchus can shake, inspire, and lead new (fearful of any change) mate.

Ophiuchus Leo

Although they have quite different views and feelings, they can find each other. And once they get together, they quickly realize the points in common. Although Ophiuchus easily uprootes social norms and feels good when he can amaze the world, he still strives to integrate into the Lion's friendship and family, and tries to adapt in his own way. And even if you can make the sacrifice of praising the Lion's virtues, you can be sure that you will be a lifelong companion who will pamper and lift you to the throne. They can get along very well, as they are both working to improve the world, just by different methods. According to the Lion, goodness and generosity are the keys to everything, while Ophiuchus considers things in a rational way. Because they both respect each other's habits, they will eventually form an excellent alliance and defiance alliance with the world.

Ophiuchus Virgo

They do not fit at all: they do not speak one language, their values ​​are not the same. They are hard to come by. The generosity of Ophiuchus and the meticulousness of the Virgin can be as hard to come by as the bohemian nature of the Ophiuchus, with its subtle precision in the aloof, aloof hair. The over-optimism and playfulness of Ophiuchus is a sign of unsteadiness and unreliability in the eyes of the Virgin. If you fall in love, he or she will consider getting him or her on the right track, raising his or her partner. Which, of course, will never succeed. According to the exact agenda, the Virgin beside Ophiuchus will forever feel uncertain. Your companion often forgets about common programs, or makes a program alone, and even forgets to call home. The Virgin then flees into some kind of illness and tries to awaken the remorse of her partner or simply expels her out of the apartment. The only thing they both have in common is that they are keen (and sharp) to criticize everyone and everyone, while the slightest negative comment is immediately accepted as a deadly insult. So if they accidentally tie their lives together, they would be offended almost every week for something. So, from this encounter can be a short-term, curious relationship, but love to the tomb is barely.

Ophiuchus Libra

They are a truly matched pair, because emotions and reason make alliances when they meet. They notice each other, either through their friends or at work. The Ophiuchus is soon fascinated by the kindness of Libra. He appreciates being able to talk to him about everything (even more so that there is someone who listens to him ...) Ophiuchus' broad vision and literacy greatly influences the Libra, which is why he is increasingly looking for his company. And they talk, argue, argue and appreciate as long as they find themselves unable to live without each other. And because they both demand independence, they easily give each other up. You can appreciate very much that there is no need to explain to your Libra companion when organizing a special program for yourself. The basis of trust is loyalty, which is first fueled by love and later by mutual respect. The kindness of Libra, the ingenuity of Ophiuchus, is usually easy to get through, even at the bottom. And when the flaming emotions are over, the shared interest and respect for each other will continue to be a strong link between the two.

Ophiuchus Scorpio

Probably Ophiuchus throws curiosity into Scorpio's arms. But as soon as he experienced what he really was, he would run away from him. In almost everything, they are exactly the opposite. The Ophiuchus wants to redeem the world, the Scorpio trying to somehow integrate its goals into the great whole. Perhaps only if all the planets are in their aid will they be able to overcome their basic nature and only accept each other's mistakes. Otherwise, it may happen that anything that is a virtue in the eyes of others will make them extremely nervous. They are so different in their approach to things, and so selfish in particular, that they cannot get rid of their own prejudices. The Ophiuchus' stinging behavior is regarded by Scorpio as ridiculous. The stubbornness of Scorpio and the stubborn adherence to his principles are not understood by the easy-thinking Ophiuchus. But perhaps the world of fantasy is where they only find common ground. But even when they get together, they cannot be fulfilled in love. Ophiuchus is too much of a Scorpio erotica. Instead, he wanted to have a conversation partner. And Scorpio feels insensitive to Ophiuchus, who in many cases is more interested in anything than erotica.

Ophiuchus Ophiuchus

One would think that if two people think the same thing and have the same goals, then happiness is itself! Well that's a big mistake! They are too insatiable, too unreliable to stand side by side in the long run. Indeed! Maybe the first date doesn't even come together because one forgets the place and the other for the date. If they do get together, the initial flames will quickly become friendships, and perhaps they will tell each other about their smaller or larger conquests. In love, Ophiuchus women chase longing dreams that another Ophiuchus can hardly accomplish. They are happy to dream, and their biggest disappointment is that life (and sex, in particular) is never as real as it is in their fantasy. Men Ophiuchus are kind, understand how to take women off their feet, but they never learn when their partner's name day or their favorite flower, etc., but expect their partner to blow it all out with him, and not only indulge, but also admire and flatter. If you do not receive all of this, you are looking for happiness amongst others, and if you get everything completely, you will run away from home because you feel this comfortable world is too boring, and you need some tension and excitement in your life.

Ophiuchus Sagittarius

Anyone would think that when two people think the same thing and have the same goals, happiness is itself! In this connection, it often happens that this is not the case. Ohiuchus must realize soon enough that Sagittarius is not good. If you indulge, run away from it, if you do not indulge it, then you seek out-of-home happiness. Perhaps the problem is that they have a lot in common: they both love to dream, love the company, travel. The only problem is that they have a similar view of life: they will both live their lives somehow, and expect the other to make a difference and solve any problems. And troubles appear at the dawn of their love, because they can't even agree on where to go to the cinema, which station to watch on TV, or how to arrange the apartment. And because they both have enormous souls, they are easily offended.

Ophiuchus Capricorn

A sign Capricorn can hardly understand the activity, eternal enthusiasm of Ophiuchus. It tries to restrain, cool it down. But it is often the very opposite properties that make two people interested in each other. If you have a very strong affinity for Ophiuchus, you will be tempted to adapt temporarily, but in the long run it will become increasingly difficult. Ophiuchus will increasingly be disturbed that Capricorn's companion is constantly saving money on everything. Perhaps the optimistic Ophiuchus is also very disturbed by the fact that his companion is forever doubting his words, regretting money and energy, and constantly showering his reproach on all his reproaches. (With all this he tries to cover up his confusion, his lack of confidence, but Ophiuchus rarely feels it.) Ophiuchus does not always have the patience to wait for the Capricorn's heart to soften, but if he succeeds, then for a while a pair of fiery heads and cool practicality will work quite well. If we fail to achieve this consistency, Ophiuchus will be the first to fold the towel and say the final word first: let's part!

Ophiuchus Aquarius

They only have a common denominator as long as the common programs, the common work, the daily routines complete the common lessons. But when the hour of love comes, they have nothing to do with each other. The relationship between them is more friendly, fraternal than wild and erotic. Aquarius women love to conquer, but they are restrained, and more like a spiritual partner, Ophiuchus, with whom you can talk about everything (even love) without taboos. But when it comes to actions, they are embarrassed. As if they were afraid of sex because it deprives them of common sense, they become vulnerable and see their partner in a (unfavorable) situation that undermines their authority. They like pampering, kindness, caress, touch - they are just afraid of sexual intercourse. However, Aquarius men are more forceful. Although they also seek the spiritual companion in the other and like to idealize the one they choose, their curiosity is so strong that they can overcome their initial inhibitions. But even in the most blinded of love, they are careful not to do anything they should be ashamed of later.

Ophiuchus Pisces

Because they both love being together, sooner or later they will find each other. At first glance, you may not realize how different their nature or philosophy of life is. Pisces loves comfort, Ophiuchus prefers to run and run. The Pisces is silent, the Ophiuchus does not turn its mouth. Initially, this seems to be good, as they can complement each other perfectly. But most of the time they see each other's virtues as a mistake, and they can't tolerate exactly what they lack. It would be a dual of reason and intellect if they could accept one another if the first were not to notice the hardly acceptable qualities of the other. Both were blessed with fancy, and the intellectual attitude of Ophiuchus could be perfectly complemented by Pisces' sentimental, emotional thinking. But Ophiuchus annoys the "unnecessary breathing" of Pisces, his silence, and expresses his anger at the other's tendency to meditate, retreat.