Branko Zivotin, Croatian Catholic Astrologer

Love Magic with Picture

Love magic with photo (love, magic) is extremely common today. The fact is that love magic, love spells are usually ordered by families who want to divorce someone. They are willing to pay thousands of euros to separate the person from the partner without the person knowing what's going on. It is also a fact that the two can love each other very much and suddenly start arguing and hating each other and behaving as their biggest enemies. Such people have to tear themselves away and look at themselves, why do they suddenly have such an attitude towards each other? Everything can be achieved with money and everything is done with money.

As I said in the beginning, love magic with the picture is extremely widespread on earth and especially in the metropolitan area of Austria, Germany, America, Switzerland, Canada. Starting in 2015, Botswana's love spells rituals were purchased in European Union countries where love magic with a picture is spread that simply works everyday without people being aware of it. Images can easily be obtained because many of their images are on social networks while men undress easily and show their penis. All of this only promotes the use of magical rituals. Look at families today, broken relationships, marriages, families full of quarrels and hate, fornication, whoredom. There is no reason to write about Spain, Portugal and South America, since few houses have no hatred that only leads to a collapse of family, love and children.

Love magic with pictures is directed exclusively by one of the family members, and mostly by the mother, sister or brother, to divert the family member, sister or brother from the partner, hate the partner, or have a partner with health and sexual problems that cause conflicts. These people are willing to spend a lot of money on magic, just to break someone up. Every family has its own reason why they want to order black magic, and I do not judge that at all. Of course, all this happens under strict secrecy and without coercion. Nobody then points out whether it is a Christian act or not, simply, each family consciously decides what it wants to achieve.

Love magic, Partner Reunion Rituals

Love magic has been practiced since 2015 in Vienna, Linz and Salzburg with the aim of separating couples, and love magic with photography is the most sought after among women and same-sex, gay men. Love magic is used to a much lesser extent to make love beautiful and to make two people in a relationship love each other. Love magic requires money, date of birth, first and last name of both partners, place of residence and picture. If someone has sexual problems, love magic is also used. Anyone who has emotional problems falls under love magic. When the partners quarrel or when they split up, it can be set up by love magic to reconcile the two. If the marriage is in crisis, it can be adapted through love magic to ensure the survival of the marriage. Although in 99% of cases it is ordered that someone divorces magically and that he has a hell in marriage. Botswana rituals were purchased in Vienna, Linz and Salzburg and are used exclusively as props:

■ picture
■ ash
■ candles
■ Metal binder
■ magic herbs

Love magic with an photo is used with the above props, and the duration of the effect of the love magic with the photo depends on the location where the rituals are performed, as well as the use of various magical practices such as Quimbanda, Trabalho, Tranca Ruas das Almas, Pomba Giras. In Austria, the influence of Bantu is most emphasized and most Bantu have converted to Islam and Christianity, but many Bantu have maintained the practice of using magic and curses. The first Bantu came to the US in the early 2000s, while rituals have been used in Austria since 2015. In certain monasteries in Austria, rituals were investigated, in which priests conduct entire rituals with sex rituals in order to repress "evil powers".

What about rituals?

When a person orders separation from someone, love magic is applied which does not affect the person who performs the love magic order but only the person over whom the love magic with the image is performed. Love magic with a picture is used to remove the enemy and then to merge the partner or for love (sex is involved) and the person at whom the ceremony took place, comes to separation from the current relationship and comes to the person who ordered the partner or sex with that person. That magic holds from 1 year to 3 years it all depends on what is being done and what kind of love magic is at stake. This ritual is in monasteries in Vienna for a full month, where the ritual is performed only in certain monasteries. When the ritual is completed, a notification is sent to the person. What is noticed is the person as soon as he receives the notification, the partner answers and asks for sex. This ritual is very complex and arduous for the person doing the ritual because he has to do everything at a certain time, everything has to be done in secret.

Where are the rituals performed?

Magic rituals are performed exclusively in these countries:

■ Caribbean Sea
■ Al Khulaydiyah.
■ New Zealand
■ South America.
■ Indonesia
■ Spain.
■ Brazil
■ Austria
■ Botswana.
■ Egypt.
■ Turkey

These are just a few of the countries to go to perform magical rituals. I must mention that in all these countries there is a special place where it is allowed to perform the ritual for a certain fee.