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Curse, depravity, black magic

Published on June 16, 2020

Magic is not a game, it is present every day. What is described in Harry Potter is not the product of fantasy either, everything in it about magic is a real thing.

When we hear about black magic, many of us come to mind some form of intentionality. Magic knows no polarities, meaning there is no white and black magic. Magic is magic. A collective term that includes astrology, numerology, tarot, and kabbalah.

Astrology began to study periodicity, cyclicality. This is important to know because every magical process is recognizable by two things: repetition, and there is a beginning and an end, it begins and lasts for a while.

Black magic is the work of witches. A spell they can do to others. Since witches still exist today, and unfortunately there are those who enjoy using the tools of black magic, it can easily happen that you have become the target of magic without your knowledge. What strange and special, almost creepy signs can you recognize all this from? Here are five very strong signals.

Magic, magic can be of several "colors". Helping magic is usually associated with white, love magic with red, and harmful spells with black. Witches have been familiar with these practices for centuries. When unusual, almost creepy things happen to you, you could easily become the target of black magic. How and from what signs do you know you are not imagining, you are not hallucinating, but really harmful energies have been sent to you?

Sign 1: You feel shocked fear
The presence of negative energy is definitely strongly suggested when you feel an almost crippling, shocking fear. You don’t know what the reason is, you just feel like you’re terrified in the dark, like someone else is near you. These kinds of fears can break you when you become the target of a malicious spell. Try to get rid of fear, calm yourself, this is how you can ward off malicious intent. The red ruby crystal helps to ward off bad feelings.

Sign 2: Guilt and shame torment
The second most characteristic sign is guilt. If these kinds of feelings are tormenting you, the easiest thing you can do is apologize. You tell the person that you regret what you did, whatever it is. When black magic causes guilt, you don’t know why you feel it, hence you can’t apologize. You could easily be ashamed of your body, ashamed that your “dirty” thoughts are attacking, so in fact, the feeling within you is completely irrational. In this case, try to accept yourself as who you are. The love you feel for yourself is actually blocking the harmful energies.

Sign 3: Confusion tortures
It could be another sign of witch-damaging magic when a huge mess is developing in your head. You do or say things that weren’t even characteristic of you before. It’s as if someone is whispering in your ear and trying to lead you astray. It’s completely confusing, and you can’t decide for yourself what you really want. In this case, the most important thing is to try to stay as calm as possible. With meditation and relaxation, you can drive away and ward off magic.

Sign 4: You wake up exhausted
You spend almost a third of your life sleeping. During this time, through the astral body, you receive information from your guardian angel, the universe. You may have strange dreams, all of which may be related to the problems and life situations that concern you. Relaxing sleep is essential for health and a balanced life. When you are targeted by black magic, you sleep very badly and little. You spin sleeplessly in your bed, nightmares can torment you. You wake up sleeplessly, exhausted. In this case, say a prayer at bedtime or ask for help from your guardian angel. You see, you will soon get rid of depressing feelings.

Sign 5: You are going through a series of failures
Everyone longs for love, and everyone needs the love they receive from others. Black magic is also recognizable by the fact that people close to you are leaving. You can go through a series of failures, nothing seems to work out, your relationships keep going bad. In this case, the key is forgiveness. Forgive yourself first, no matter what and how you made a mistake, and forgive those who hurt you. You can always learn from painful situations and previous relationships. Recognize how these experiences have helped you, feel grateful to have been able to experience them. With a sense of gratitude, he falls to pieces of the demon.

Have you ever heard that someone was tortured by disease but had no organ problems? Maybe you feel on your own skin that you are going into anything, bumping into obstacles?

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Who or what are ghosts?

"They are not worldly beings who have somehow remained here on Earth." For example, there may be ghosts of people who died in an accident and could not prepare to leave. Or those who are too attached to material existence and try to cling to a human soul in order to stay after their death. Emotionally unstable, mentally unbalanced, debilitated people are chosen for this purpose. Drugs, alcoholics and the depressed are particularly at risk. But visiting certain places, such as cemeteries, is also a risk. Such places are also hospitals, where there are all sick, debilitated people, where many die. Or some memorial sites, such as the House of Terror. But as a passer-by, it can also happen that a ghost sticks to us if an accident happens right next to us and someone dies. Pray for the deceased so that we can protect ourselves.

How does the harm caused by these creatures manifest itself?

- In the fact that a person is constantly struggling with problems in some area of his life, such as work and relationships. You may have accidents, be financially ruined, get sick, not find your place, not know what you want to do. Sometimes the invading creature struggles to get out of here and also takes with it the one it has clung to. A large percentage of suicides are in such an obsessive state. The spirit dominates the body of the occupied man. That person is not himself anymore. You may not even notice this on your own, only your relatives, the people around you, experience a complete change in your personality.

Curses also affect our lives

"Yes, and not only in our present lives." Curses can come from our previous lives, but they can also be inherited through generations. If someone had a cursed ancestor, it would result in bad karma. It is not certain that the “perpetrator” will have a negative impact in his own life, but in the life of, say, his child or grandson. Any uttered word or intention that is meant to make something bad happen to another person is a curse. Most of the time, we don’t even think it will have serious consequences for us and our descendants. This is also true of the curse of sudden upheaval. It works just like if we maliciously and deliberately cursed someone. We release energy with our words and thoughts. These energies are realized after a while. These are called elementals in metaphysics.

What does depravity, black magic, mean?

- It's a nuisance when someone asks a black magic expert to do something wrong with another person. Usually envy, malice is behind this. Magic can also be used for a positive purpose if I help someone else with it, or in order to attract something good, I drive the water to my own mill in a way that doesn’t affect anyone else, doesn’t harm anyone else. Love bonding is common, which does not qualify as black magic when the parties apply it together, in each other’s presence, with a common will. Knitting works even if it is applied by only one party, but if you do it without the other’s knowledge and consent, it is already considered black magic and attracts a negative fate.

Love knitting or love magic is better?
First, I want to make it clear that love bonding is a dark side thing that has a lot of setbacks. And the magic of love is pure magic on the white side, working with angels, it has no side effects.

How does black love knitting work?
The essence of a love bond is that a magician calls a ghost or demon to unite the party. It rewrites the future and makes a zombie out of the bound person. The bound person will not be able to break away from the other, even if the binder leaves him later. He doesn't even understand why he wants to be with him. Because they are connected, the bound person feels the other’s pain, anger, emotions. The person requesting the love bond also receives negative energies, blocks, curses, demons from the mage from whom he ordered the bond. He is also punished under the law of karma, in the future he may have an accident, develop a tumor, misfortune, depression, nervousness. The love bond with woodoo magic is created by mages and animal blood sacrifices that the demon world loves.

What are the signs of black knitting?
On the bound person

- boredom, lack of energy, feeling “I don’t care about anything, nothing excites”
- can't sleep, is awake at night, wakes up in the morning, or even wakes up at dawn
- can't find his place, just teng-leng, he doesn't feel like anything, he doesn't want to solve his life anymore, even if he had goals, they don't motivate him anymore
- feels empty, bleak, hopeless, gives up hope, resigns, has no power to change
- back pain, headache, the cause of which he does not know, in fact the entity that owns and controls him most often sits on his back and shoulders
- chest pain, choking, scratching in the throat are common, especially when you say something important but you simply don't know because you feel a suffocating feeling in your throat, your heart stings, it hurts, you can't breathe, it hurts head, even if it has never hurt before, it has to do with the chakras because the black bandage closes the crown chakra, throat chakra, heart chakra
- he was tired of sexuality, he didn't feel like it, he lost all interest in it, he didn't feel the need, it was true even if he had experienced the opposite in the past.

What is love magic or angel magic?

Angel magic is magic done with the help of angels. When we talk about angel magic, it is actually about performing certain rituals, spells with angels. We ask our angels for help in different ways. What is the main purpose of angel magic, we try to involve them in our lives and work with them. Angels tailor our contact with us to our needs. Thus, any activity we do with angels or in which we ask for their help will bear fruit.

How often do we live with angel magic? We can safely make them a part of our daily lives, eagerly waiting to call them and asking for their help so that they can serve the good in the universe. When we ask angels to help us with a task, we can be sure that not only our wishes and wills are being fulfilled, but also the intentions of the higher will What is the essence of a request to angels? Asking for something is always an opening to the other party.

As we open up, we are also ready to accommodate something. We cross our limits and discover the miracles that are present in their lives. All that surrounds us has only so far not seen beauty, love, goodness, and wisdom. Angels only help in harmony with our karma. Which does not conflict with Divine providence !!! Angelic magic is a ceremony performed strictly with our heavenly helpers. When we ask angels to help us achieve our desires, we work with the Universe.

Where does angel magic come from?

To put it very simply, that’s where everything we still use and apply today comes from. Magic, numerology, astrology and much more, including angels. About 2,000 years ago, the Essene community was a Jewish trend. they were also called Edomites.

Jacob had 12 sons. From this later 12 tribes of the Israelites were formed. The twelve strains were divided into 10 strains and 2 strains. One is the tribe of Judah (King David, who defeated Goliath, and his son Solomon the Wise). Those who were united with the tribe of the Levites (Pharisees, priestly caste) and called themselves Israelites. Their center was Jerusalem. The other 2 tribes are the tribe of the Edomites. They lived outside in the wilderness. (St. John the Baptist - the word crying out of the wilderness) They were all equal, free people. No servants were kept.

They lived simple and humble lives. They avoided exaggeration and immoderation because they believed it was a burden on both body and soul. Angels played a central role in their lives. Their wonderful abilities are due to their intense contact with angels. They lived almost without laws, calling the other a brother. They had a king who was called perfect.

It is the king's job, not to rule over the people, but to help the people. He is a spiritual initiate who is connected with the heavens. This is due to his abilities, which he believed to be special: Manna falls from the sky or rocks water from a rock. It is the king's job to take care of his people. They had a law, a principle: Don’t do to others what you don’t want them to do to you! If you follow this, you don’t need laws.

This community has existed for centuries in several countries under different names. One of the famous Essene communities lived along the Dead Sea. They settled in Kumran in the desert. These scrolls were found in 1945 or ’47 by a Bedouin goat shepherd, hidden in caves. They contain the original Gospels, and the true teachings of Immanuel Jesus… They fought much with each other according to the descriptions of the Old Testament.

The reason for the struggle is that they worshiped the same God, only differently. According to the tribe of Judah, the name of their god was not to be spoken. And according to the Essenes, they can say the name of the god and also use angels to create. They did the same. They revered the angels of Heavenly Mother and Father, such as the Angel of the Air on Friday morning… And the angels named after their duties, such as Ambriel - the angel of knowledge…, Emkiel the material angel s Simiel s Haniel s Anael the love angel, etc.… ..

How does love magic and relationship harmonization work?

We ask for the help of angels who help to bring true emotions to flare and love to last a lifetime. For angel magic, we ask the heavens for help so there can be no side effects. When we ask angels to help us solve a task, we can be sure that not only our desire and will are fulfilled, but also the intention of the higher will.

Angels only help in harmony with our destiny. Which does not conflict with Divine providence and therefore does not involve punishment. In all cases, we use the unblocking of the relationship and the complete cleansing of the parties (removal of curses, negative energies, elementals, spirits). Thus, the relationship is harmonized and the parties find each other again. In love magic, a relationship analysis is important first.

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What is a magic process?

It is a magical process when we want to involve something for our own goals, to help, to offer. The best period for this is the period from the full moon to the full moon - 28 days. This is the oldest cycle used by magic. Classically made magic is practiced for 25 days to take effect in the next 3 days, i.e. at its full moon (one day before, one day after). It's a conscious thing.

Anger also creates a magical bond

We can also cause magical processes for ourselves with negative thoughts, such as constant hatred. The person to whom we feed our anger will have compulsive thoughts, as opposed to what the other is doing. Then this knitting starts to work back and forth. If one recognizes that one has compulsive thoughts but does not understand where they are coming from, but they show up at certain times (periodicity!), It is likely that he is in a magical bond with an anger. These processes are usually amplified by the full moon.

Love bonding

If we long for love, it is also a magical process. The goal is to engage a specific, desired person. As long as I do this from my own energy, it won’t start a bond, there’s no problem with it. It also has a period, usually it runs out in 3 months and the desire goes away. We can wish for so far, not anymore. Sometimes the desired person feels this, makes contact, and from that moment on, the energy invested comes back to me and nothing or bonding develops. If you don’t sign up, after three months, the desire will dissipate.

If you call, if not, the point is that a bond (neither) can be made. However, if you go to a person who is proficient in magic and through him establish a love bond, it will be a one-way process in which you just give to the desired person until all your strength is exhausted. He is living his life in the meantime, but reciprocity will never materialize, but it will cost you a lot of money. It is a basic truth that money cannot be used to make love.

In such a process, a love bond always strikes back because the person who asked for the bond will get worse and worse. So you have to go again if you want to be better at breaking the bond, but that’s usually a larger amount than you paid in the beginning.

How do you recognize if a love bond has been placed on you?

In addition to the appearance of compulsive thoughts, common bodily symptoms include darty pain on the spine - even if someone has done something to you, even so. For example, they get out of bed, the pain starts, they don’t notice because they only shoot once. But if you dream about the same things on a regular basis, that could be a sign of that.

Prevent black-magic attacks

The thing is, we don’t necessarily have to understand black magic to notice when negative energies are being sent to us. When we walk with our eyes open in life, we immediately recognize who the friend is and who the enemy is. We are also able to physically or mentally feel a force towards us from a distance. These forces affect us spiritually, causing involuntary anxiety in the presence of a certain person or in the course of a particular event. What is striking is that if it were not for these notable cases, we could go beyond playing in such a situation. And that will make this thing suspicious. Back and forth nightmares are also typical signs of magical obsession. In addition to the psychic, these evil forces are also manifested in physical phenomena such as an inexplicable feeling of coldness, tingling in the back of the neck, or the definite feeling that someone is standing behind us and watching. Black-magician influences usually reach us around our spines, and the unusual noises we hear most of us cheat are also signs of this. If, along with these signs, we even find that the cats are leaving the room, we can be sure that this is a black-mage attack. However, in defining these symptoms, it is essential to take into account our own current state of mind (which, of course, cannot be too good anyway, as it can be ruled out in such an attack). It is important to know, however, that if we are stressed ourselves — and, as they say — spiritually “on the floor,” we can also evoke such depressing feelings from ourselves through our own negativity. as if instead we are embarking on a ritual to avert the supposed corruption.

You will fulfill all your goals and tasks.
You fulfill your agreement with others.
You will easily recognize the lessons you need to learn.
You balance all your energy (including karma if needed).
You will be able to handle all the ability and energy that you need at that moment.
Your life is filled with love, contentment, joy, and positive thoughts.
You become a multidimensional master.
You bring your lower subtle body into the Light.
You begin to reflect the Divine qualities of your choice here on Earth.
You are accomplishing your mission.
You will reach your ascension and experience the most amazing inner joy and excitement imaginable.
You will return home (if this is your wish).

Why do mages use 95% love bonding?

It’s simple, black magic is easy to master, so they apply it, but so few understand it. The internet is full of rogue magicians who pull money, even one-sided websites without success, no photos, no citizen name, no office address, no phone number. Only trust a mage who is white and has been in the business for years, bets in person, not hiding behind an email address, without a registered business, because you will be disappointed.