Branko Zivotin, Catholic astrologer, palmist, numerologist - Belgrade

Classification of Gay

"Hail Mary, full of grace. Our Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen."

By researching homosexuality in astrology for 15 years, I have come to the conclusion that there are classifications in homosexuality. So it is not the same behavior if it is a gay, homosexual, bisexual because they are very different in character and their behavior is different. Regarding homosexuality, there are two groups of homosexuality: "Inborn Homosexuality" and "Acquired Homosexualism". This is very well determined in astrology, and these two groups behave differently, as they have totally different views on life." The congenital homosexual builds love, but the acquired homosexual is all about changing sexual partners.

Surely the stars are "indicators" for our sexuality, love. Especially if bad planets are in the 5th - house (love) and in the 8th - house (sex). In the first place, the planet Moon is always observed, what aspects it makes with the planet Venus, Mars, Uranus, Neptune, and partly with Pluto. For example, regarding the zodiac signs, the Moon is very negative in the sign of Gemini, Virgo, Pisces, Aquarius, which causes a lot of tendencies towards bisexual preferences.

Neptune, if it is located on the Ascendant, leads to sexual parasthesis and perversion and if it is in the aspect with the Sun and Moon, bad aspected Neptune is a sure sign that a person will have a relationship with homosexuals or bisexuals throughout his life. It is also necessary to follow the Uranus planet who brings homosexuality.

Two groups of homosexuality

In homosexuality, there are two groups of homosexuality. The fact is, when I was working on the Uranian Chart, which represents the life of a homosexual man or woman, I came to astonished facts with very strong concreteness, which was confirmed by the homosexuals and gays themselves. The one to whom Uranus is very accentuated by Zodiac sign Ophiuchus, it showed innate homosexuality as well as genetics. Likewise, when I was working with the Uranus Chart in combination with Neptune, I also received the same congenital homosexuality that was present in gays but if the Uranus did not have an impact, the acquired homosexuality was obtained. When studying homosexuality, I realized that there are two groups of homosexuality. Research shows that homosexuality is about 50% of the hereditary and 50% of the surrounding background:

- Inborn Homosexuality
- Acquired Homosexuality

In homosexuality there are six divisions

In homosexuality there are six divisions, and each group is affected by certain astrological influences. It's not the same to be homosexual or bisexual, simply, each group behave differently. The homosexual is under the influence of Uranus and he is largely with cultural manners while bisexuals are largely an impersonation of evil and under the influence of the planets Merkur, Neptune:

- Homosexual - under the rule of Uranus and Jupiter
- Lesbians - The Influence of the Moon / Mars Planet

- Bisexual - the epitome of evil - under the rule of Mercury and Neptune
- Gay - under the influence of the planet Neptune
- Acquired - gay prostitution - the influence of the planet Pluto, Orcus
- Transgender - Influence of the planet Merkur / Uranus

Transsexuality should be distinguished from homosexuality: homosexuals are sexually attracted to people of the same sex, transsexuals feel that their organs are foreign, strange, unacceptable, and want to change sex.

Inborn homosexuals are;

Inborn homosexuals are all under the rule of Uranus and Jupiter, and these are:

- Homosexual - under the rule of Uranus and Jupiter
Lesbians - The Influence of the Moon / Mars Planet
Gay - under the influence of the planet Neptune
Transgender - Influence of the planet Merkur / Uranus

An innate homosexual who wants to live perfectly and loving imagination in high level there is usually Neptune in the conjunction of Ascendent, involving the tough aspects of Neptune. In this case, the possibility of disappointment is also greater, depending on the sublimation of planetary influences in the Uranian astrological chart.

An "inborn homosexual" has a tendency to express this same-sex urge very early in life, for him it is normal sexuality. If you try to force him on something else or make him heterosexual, his love life will then show full of traps, suffering, and complications. And the innate homosexual female indicators in astrology are the same, but with the addition of opposition between the Moon and Mars and between Mars and Neptune, or a combination of these planets.

Another form of homosexuality, more tranquil, more idealistic, can be found in planets in which Neptune and the Moon are in conjunction or opposition. It seems that the cases of homosexuality in the psychological aspect are more obvious than solving the Edip complex. Generally, genital contempt is developed for the opposite sex (the type of "disgusting" towards the opposite sex organs), and in cases of unbalanced seduction of drugs and alcohol. In most balanced and non-pathological cases, it develops discrete homosexuality, happy, serene, with a partner - stable partner.

Acquired homosexuals are;

- Bisexual - the epitome of evil - under the rule of Mercury, Lilith, Uranus and Neptune
- Acquired - gay prostitution - the influence of the planet Pluto, Orcus

It is strictly necessary to separate innate homosexuals and those acquired gays who have gained homosexuality through a propaganda campaign, media that are forcing homosexuality but forcing false homosexuality. They do not propagate love, but only prostitution, blasphemy and immorality. Such persons belong under the acquired homosexuality and their behavior is completely different from innate homosexuality.

With acquired gay, the brain is identical to one of a woman. For acquired gays, sex is the most important and as much as changing sex partner with an unknown person, and they are mostly engaged in prostitution. This is their seal of life. Easy sex for one night even though they do not know the person and it's not strange why so many gays are infected with severe sexually transmitted diseases around the world. The acquired gays are not difficult to find and they are on various sites where sex is sought, where they are hounded with very vulgar words that discriminate against anyone. All they are with the complexes.

Gay deals exclusively with prostitution and promiscuity, and great exhibitionists, sadistic with perennial sexuality. Gay does not know love or a word of friendship but will easily go with sexual actions to his friend on a friendly basis, gay friendly sex, and try to get everyone into a homosexual relationship. Acquired Gay is convinced that every man is homosexual deep inside. This is how behave young gays who have gained homosexuality.

Neptune itself is cheating, so it's no wonder why many gays cheat partners. It's no wonder why many of the gays acquired are under the influence of alcohol, drugs, drugs.

When interpreting the homosexual chart of one acquired gay, it is easy to see that every gay acquired is unstable and very easy to deal with prostitution and promiscuity. Style dressing as well as behavior is very specific, recognizable. In other words, women, even lesbians, remain women psychologically, and gays must become psychologically similar to women as much as possible, but to the most vulnerable category: lustful, prone to frequent partner changes, sexually insatiable, but psychologically vulnerable.

Acquired gays are fairly self-centered, although they are presented by themselfs as being humane and willing to help, their help is based if they have benefit. They have dupicity and a very cynical personality. Extremely feminized and you should not be surprised by the fact that there is so many passive acquired gays and so many aquired gay who like to orally satisfy someone else without using a condom. They are incredibly promiscuous and loyalty is a thought noun. The biggest problem is that with every acquired gay there is a line of dishonesty and lying, and especially among their loved ones.

What is very negative about the acquired homosexuals and bisexuals is that they are a danger to children. Therefore, it can be seen today that they mostly recruit children because they are prone to pedophilia. There is an extremely high degree of pedophilia in acquired homosexuals, especially in a bisexuals. In the case of an inborn homosexual, no case of pedophilia was recorded.