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Child in the sign of "Orion"
May 20 to May 23

Published August 14, 2019

A child born from May 20 to May 23 is Orion in horoscope. The ruler of Orion is the asteroid Pallas.

This child is very popular, attractive and fun in one very specific way. He is a real blessing to a parent who has a child in the sign of Orion. He is very charismatic and overwhelms everyone because he looks completely satisfied.

Above all, this child does not tolerate disharmony and strife as he does not tolerate any attack on him. If any attack is made on him, the parent will quickly be convinced that such methods do not pass. A child like this must be communicated slowly if he did something wrong and explain it in a calm and beautiful tone.

A lack of confidence can create a real problem for him, and if he has insensitive or overly critical parents, especially his father, it will additionally make him a problem later in life. Then he easily become the child of "Orion", an introvert.

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The "Orion" kid, he tends to simply slip into a boring routine because it offers him security. Stubbornness is his basic character trait and this negative trait has followed him for almost his entire life. He is stubborn at most if he is sure of something and is so rigid that no one will be able to convince him otherwise. Of course, if the approach is correct and explained to him in a nice way, his stubbornness then disappears and he becomes indulgent.

He has a problem trying to rationalize things in terms of emotions and intuition, and that is the source of emotional conflicts in him. Baby Oron, he always wears something in his hands, he always does something with his hands. He dresses conservatively, nothing eccentric with very fine manners. He is tied to stability and concrete things, but also to financial forms, but he is by no means materialistic. He has a downside and it's low concentration and can be a very hesitant, superficial and changeable child over time. He is often unnecessarily worried and upset because even the smallest of things can knock him off balance.

The Orion child is a silent child who speaks only when he wants to say something. He has the ability to think much more carefully and constructively, and sometimes even overly patiently. Hands and palms are a channel through which he can express the creative energy that is in him, for example by playing an instrument. Orion child is extremely artistic, such as music, dance, play, acting, and every parent should pay attention to his talents and direct him to that talent.

Orion child has a lively imagination, original ideas and a keen sense of justice. He is facing the future and it will be of great benefit to him later in his career, he works best in a cosmopolitan environment, especially with people from different backgrounds. His sense of humor is eccentric. He likes to have a very narrow circle of friends and the children of Orion are often alone.

It is very important for the parent to know that they should not be forced into extroverted lifestyles. The parent should understand and accept that his or her family environment is the only place where he / she feels absolutely safe and where they perform their functions best. His need for self-realization is deeply ingrained, making it much harder for parents to understand.

The virtues and disadvantages of the child Orion

■ customizable
■ fun
■ charming
■ secretive
■ mutable
■ naive
■ nervous
■ spontaneous
■ tense
■ stubborn
■ curious
■ arrogant
■ jealous
■ warm hearts
■ possessive
■ reliability,
■ lazy
■ artistic
■ kind
■ sensual
■ slow
■ generous
■ vulnerable
■ sensitive

Baby Orion, there is a very strong need for spiritual separation and progress in him and the parent should not ignore this need. He has an innate kindness and emotional sensitivity, which he kindly directs towards others, especially when it comes to his mother. He is extremely emotionally attached to his mother. The child Orion is prone to sacrifice, especially when it comes to parenting and caring for them when they are sick. He is a very sensitive and vulnerable child.

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The fate of the Orion child

The fate of Orion child is similar to the fate of the Opiuchus child, at least when it comes to his father. And the Orion child will have quite a bad relationship with his father. The father-son relationship will be followed through cold relationships by the father, which will give the child Orion a lot of trouble through self-confidence. Orion child will have a lot of complexes and frustrations his father will put on. Against complexes and frustrations, the child will have to fight and overcome them, which will not be easy for him.

Orion is a child often suffering from a chronic illness, and the tendency to earn a cold or fever is very pronounced, headache, skin disease, respiratory allergies, eczema.