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Child in the sign of Ophiuchus
November 1 - November 19

Published August 27, 2019

A child born from November 1 - November 19 is Ophiuchu in horoscope.

A baby born between November 1 and November 19 is in the Ophiuchus Zodiacal Constellation. The Ophiuchus is the alpha and the omega and the set of all elements, therefore every planet positioned in it is influenced by this constellation, which is the most important in all astrology because it brings fateful events to every human being.

All children born in the sign of the Serpent Bearer possess a great many talents and any parent can be happy with this child. The baby will be extremely attached to the mother, while the father will not get along best. The Opiuchus child, for the most part, is very dependent throughout life on others and their love. Rarely does he criticize and if he did something wrong, yelling, shitting, a quarrel will create a very serious problem that will erupt from the child.

Children born in the constellation of the Ophiuchus have two sides that are completely opposite to each other. He can enjoy solitude with his daydream. He seeks peace and a safe home. He seeks gentleness and kindness. He is dedicated to those he loves. He is a very open, persistent and thoughtful person.

Having Ophiuchus baby is the greatest blessing of God for mother and friends. He will rarely be frowned upon, he will always be fun for the environment! He has a beautiful laugh and is simply contagious. If the mother is depressed or a friend, the Ophiuchus child will quickly do something funny and they know that they cannot remain depressed or upset when the Ophiuchus child is near them. The Ophiuchus child is certainly a careful, romantic and caring child, especially when it comes to his mother, who knows how to make her happy. The baby, the Ophiuchus, is, for the most part, very dependent on the mother's love throughout his life.

The children in the sign of the Ophiuchus do not have the best relationship with their father, because, because of their father, they have a rather rude person who does not know with the child and who constantly imposes his will on the child, which the Ophiuchus will not tolerate at all. It is difficult for the Ophiuchus Child to impose anything. Their characteristic is to find with each person from their vicinity a unique code that will bring them closer together.

From a toddler, the  Ophiuchus  child is totally different from other children. He is a very dynamic child and very active. It will rarely happen that the baby is calm and that the parent can put the baby in one place and stay still. Almost every baby  Ophiuchus  is different from people in the area. A child has a very lively temperament who loves to play, run, jump. He is a hyperactive child.

He will constantly pile on. He is extremely intelligent, but a parent will never be able to impose something on him if he does not want it. Any aggression towards a child with the Sun in the Ophiuchus  will cause him a real rebellion and revolt, where the parent will be shocked at how angry and joggy this child can be then. One should not be fooled into thinking that a child is lost in space in his world, on the contrary, everyone who gets in his way can be convinced of it. To the Little Ophiuchus, his family is most important and often children in this sign have a sister with whom they will have a nice relationship.

There will always be an advanced child at school, except that he or she will have a problem with mastering. A child in the sign of Ophiuchus is always smiling and very condescending when it comes to society. His interests will be diverse and he will be bored all the time, but many mysteries will appeal to him. He is too naive and often goes to his own detriment, which often brings him disappointment with other peers. He is very good-natured, but he will also have bad qualities such as: stubbornness, sharp tongue, dullness.

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The virtues and disadvantages of Ophiuchus Child

Each child has positive and negative traits that describe him or her, and so does the Snake Bearer.

■ Devilish
■ Optimistic
■ Open
■ Unusual
■ Intellectual
■ Naive
■ Honest
■ Simple
■ Maz
■ A visionary
■ Sensitive
■ Scared
■ Exciting
■ Wasteful
■ Paranoid
■ Upset
■ Emotional
■ Imaginative
■ Explosive
■ Unpredictable
■ Seductive
■ Undisciplined

He knows how to dream because he wants to unite his own. His questions will often be straightforward and will quickly resonate. He is very creative, imaginative and has intuitive intelligence, with a lot of inclination for the arts. Ophiuchus child, he should not be restrained by the talent he has received from God. If one restrains him, he will be surprised how calm, smiling, devious the Ophiuchus child can be aggressive, where change can clearly be seen in his eyes. What he plans, he will accomplish, especially when it comes to his talents. What doesn't interest him is hardly anyone can make him interested. This shows his strong stubbornness and perseverance.

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Destiny of the Ophiuchus Child

The fate of the  Ophiuchus Child  will depend solely on how the father treated him and his mother. How much attention and love his father paid to him and his mother. As a child, at a very early age, Ophiuchus Child will feel a lack of attention and love from his father. His mother will play a big role in his development. He will often be confronted with various conflicts between his parents, where one period of his life will recede to himself and become depressed. He will not get along well with his brother if he has one.

Childhood development is very important to his life later. His behavior later depends on childhood development. If his childhood has passed unhappily, the Ophiuchus child will be troubled in love and in life and especially when he is 30 years old. They will have a problem with the law. It is no problem for a child to act chaotic, problematic. The problem is the father, because the child only copied his father's behavior then. It represents the image of his father. This child was taught from a young age that he should behave that way, he watched his father behave and so he was taught no matter what was not good. These are the consequences of a child's childhood, which causes in a later period of his life, his problematic behavior.

That child who grew up in a happy family, and especially from his father, who gave him so much love, attention as he gave as much love and attention to his mother, such a child will achieve tremendous success in life.

A baby Ophiuchus will often suffer from stomach, digestion, intestines, allergies.