Branko Zivotin, Catholic astrologer - forecaster

Astrological Inscription 7 Angels 7 Archangels

I use astrological inscription 7 Angels 7 Archangels which is extremely powerful and made in silver, and Hermetic symbols are shown in the center of the attached images.

I have been doing this astrological inscription for 30 years and it has been fully realized by now. Through the astrological inscription of 7 Angels 7 Archangels one can very precisely and accurately know every segment of life that is written down in one's life.

Through this inscription there is no possibility or presumption, but the exact date of an event that a person will have is obtained. It shows love, health, work, career, marriage, children, life abroad, black magic as well as powerful solutions to certain problems if a person has certain problems.

I first did this astrological inscription for myself, I saw the effectiveness right away in the year when the astrological inscription with 7 Archangels was made. No other inscription is as effective as an astrological inscription with the seven Archangels being the seven Angels. The inscription requires special skill and the person only needs to send the date of birth and hour of birth, name and surname. 

The astrological inscription (symbol) of the 7 Archangels is the strongest and most powerful of all types of inscription that exist. This astrological inscription with the 7 Archangels is exclusively commissioned by people who are businessmen and have a strong love for God, to whom the material side is not as important as the spiritual side, and in addition they have a strong love for people.

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This astrological inscript requires:

Name and surname
Date of birth
Birth place
Questions that interest you

Every human being is for himself and every human being during his life has Archangels who protect him. Based on this, an astrological inscription with 7 Archangels, which is valid for one person, is made for the person. The power of the astrological inscription with the seven Archangels is of tremendous strength, power because Angels are the protectors of love, harmony, reconciliators, bearers of prosperity.

All 7 Archangels are entered into an astrological inscription with seven Angels and one Angel is placed on each side of the firmament. Which Archangels are appropriate for a person is determined solely by the date of birth provided that the person knows the exact time of his birth. The astrological inscription related to the 7 Angels is only made once and the person does not need to go to any other astrologer anymore.


Archangels signify higher order angels who perform special tasks for God. The Seven Archangels primarily deal with the seven deadly sins and keep in the souls the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit:

1. The first is the Archangel Michael
2. The second is Archangel Gabriel
3. The third is Archangel Zadkiel
4. The fourth is Archangel Zaphkiel
5. The fifth is Archangel Madimiel
6. The sixth is Archangel Haniel
7. The seventh is Archangel Raphael

The Archangels in the hierarchy of Angels are allowed to rule in the spiritual world. Also some of the Archangels are named by name in the Torah, and in the Qur'an as the protectors of evil and the warrior of God! They offer divine protection, release fear, and help foster purpose. The Archangels are also one of the Angels of creation, the truth, the greatest power and intelligence, the power of warmth in creation and destruction. Each of the Archangels has been assigned the hermetic symbols of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and in each of the Archangels is the power of God. When called upon, they regulate communication, new beginnings and strength, grace and instability. They work with mothers and children, and they will help you take care of yourself and your child.

In the Archangels is the righteousness of God, the forgiveness that promotes joy, love, forgiveness, freedom and mercy. These seven Archangels bring equality and justice in all walks of life as well as the opportunity to choose a new beginning because they belong to the Angelic Order of God's Mercy, which has secrets, difficulties and time. From the key of Solomon, the door to the Archangels opens, and binds evil, a life energy that exaggerates. In the Archangels is the Joy of God and the energy of life force, vibrant well-being and passion for life.

Just think of the Protecting Angels and you will invoke the grace of God. The archangels of the hierarchy of Heaven govern love and hatred, friendship and enmity, compassion and antipathy, beauty, harmony, vanity, laziness. They also offer protection, harmony and grace and will help you stay prepared and focused on changes or happy new beginnings. In the Archangels, healing is at all levels, including mental, emotional, spiritual and physical healing.


When making an astrological inscription related to the 7 archangels it is clearly seen for the person:

- Where's the happiness?
- Where is the popularity?
- Getting God's Gifts.
- Which saint is the protector?
- What is the guardian angel?
- The exact year of a happy marriage.
- The exact year of birth of the children.
- The exact year of death.
- Exactly how to preserve the love of a loved one.
- Exactly the year of financial strength.
- A year of business success.
- Exactly how to protect yourself from bad influences.
- Exactly how to avoid an accident.
- A lot of tourism trips.

This is just one small fraction that can be seen in the astrological inscription with 7 Archangels 7 Angels. The power of an astrological inscription with 7 Archangels 7 Angels is that there is no interpretation whatsoever related to psychology or to interpret such an astrological chart with possibilities or assumptions. Specifically, this astrological inscription is a inscription of 7 Archangels 7 Angels giving specific answers with dates.


The Astrological Inscription with 7 Archangels is so good because it brings a lot of joy and happiness to the person and especially to the love plan. Namely, if a person lives in a marriage and does not have some great fortune in a marriage where relationships have become cold, it is enough to just make an astrological inscription with 7 archangels and will experience such happiness and change in love that he will remain amazed. He will then receive from a loved one such tenderness that he has never received. This 7 archangel astrological inscription is so effective and fast on the love plan that it is mandatory to get a specific solution within 7 days. People living abroad, business people, businessmen, entertainment artists, order astrological inscriptions with the 7 archangels the most because they can pay for such astrological inscription. The astrological inscription with 7 archangels gives so much beauty and power to man and most of all brings joy and happiness to man.


The Astrological Interpretation of inscription 7 archangels and 7 angels related to love and marriage does not give possibilities, but gives concrete and precise answers. Love is expected by all but with love and cohabitation - extramarital or lawful. If a personal inscription was made through the 7 archangels and 7 angels I can answer with great precision, the exact date when the person will experience happy love, when to marry and what kind of marriage the person will have. Through the analysis of 7 archangels and 7 angels, one can also see precisely how certain love or marital problems can be solved. Through the 7 archangels and 7 angels, I exclusively determine love or marriage that will be happy, because every love and marriage is beautiful and happy but people ruin themselves and because of this they have certain problems in love and in marriage.

Patron saints - Archangel protector

People who have a family curse or some form of curse or black magic. Thanks to insights on the 7 archangels and 7 angels inscription, I am able to reveal to each person who has the family curse or possibly black magic. Thanks to 7 Archangels and 7 Angels, I can reveal how and in what ways a person can remove a family curse or some form of curse or black magic. In addition, each person can gain knowledge of how to obtain protection from bad influences because everyone has their own archangel and their guardian angel as well as a protector. And the person who went through life pretty badly because of black magic or family curse can still break bad influences by making an astrological chart inscription of 7 archangels and 7 angels.


Such an astrological inscription with 7 archangels, every person who has the inscription done very accurately receives important events because it is enough that the person who has it made, wishes to have a good job that is profitable to see exactly in which area he or she will get the fastest job without losses. When a person gets a job, it can be seen how long it will take and whether it will be for a fixed or indefinite period of time whether it is working in the social or private sector. If a person has major financial problems, after making an astrological inscription with 7 angel, he or she will make sure within 7 days only where is financially well-off and how to recover quickly from the financial problems he or she has had.


Thanks to my knowledge of the symbolism of astrological records with 7 archangels and 7 angels, I saw certain records just as devilish as a tarot card, a 12-character horoscope, looking at beans, beading, prancing, etc. ... many people make any talismans, protections, deal with black magic and do nothing right. It's all a lie and a hoax. However, by making an astrological analysis of the records of the 7 archangels and the 7 angels, one gets exactly how and how to protect himself or keep himself from bad influences. The person gets specifically where in which Cathedral or Mosque to go. To whom the Angel and the Angel to pray and when to do it. Likewise, what a record to ask a Hoxha or a bishop-priest to write to a person or read a prayer. People should avoid buying any kind of amulet, scarf, record, talisman, rosary, tarot cards, 12-character horoscope and other black magic work. Any of the above, when someone gave it to the person who came for help, the person quickly became convinced that he had nothing from that help and protection, and neither did he receive or solve the problem, nor would it help him at all. The only help that is valid is for the person to find out exactly which archangel or angel is the patron saint, and to go to a priest or hox and perform a prayer with their soul and heart. A person will get a lot of information and huge changes and improvements without throwing money away.


Death is an integral part of life and no one can escape it. It is beautiful, well-being for someone, and someone has the fear of death as a coward or as the devil seeing the cross of Jesus. Each person's death will arrive sooner or later because we die because we have inherited sin from Adam. "For as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin, and so death passed on to all men, for all sinned" (Romans 5:12). Thanks to the knowledge of the 7 archangels and the inscription of the 7 angels, I can calculate to each person when the person will die and how he or she will die.