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Aspects to the Lunar Node

Published on August 1, 2019

What are the aspects?

Aspects are power lines and relationship paths. They are accesses that planets have towards other planets. Through aspects, the planets influence each other naturally. In this sense, the Lunar Node is different from the planets because, by itself, it does not make any aspect. It is not a physical body but a reference point that is aspected. Aspects go from the planets to the Lunar Node but not vice versa. That is why the Moon Node does not have its own orbs. Aspects to the Lunar Node indicate directions of look (aspect = look) that the planets have towards the Lunar Node. It can be said that they are the comment that the planet makes regarding the Lunar Node. It can be a confirmation: "What the Lunar Node wants is magnificent!" Or quite the opposite: "I don't want anything to do with this!" As regards the theme of the Lunar Node, aspects may mean sympathy, confirmation and support, or ambivalence, insecurity or rejection.

The aspects should not be defined in a general way since, in relation to the Lunar Node, the conscious decision of the individual himself is of great importance. A spiritually oriented person who works with himself assimilates and transforms the aspects that reach the Moon Node differently than if he lived in a reflex and unconscious way. Here we describe (and this should be taken into account hereinafter) the unconscious and reflex reaction forms of the aspects with the Moon Node

We differentiate three types of aspects: red, blue and green. The red aspects are the conjunction, the opposition and the square. In the case of the conjunction, a caveat must be made since there may be factors that make it not considered red. The blue aspects are the trigone and the sextile.

Red aspects

0º conjunction
90º square
180º opposition

Conjunction (0º)

The planets that are in conjunction with the North Node must be taken into account in a special way for personal development. They can be used immediately and directly for progress and continued spiritual development. They are also an indication of how we behave in contact. If these are sensitive planets (Mercury, Jupiter, Moon and Neptune) we are impressed by others and if they are hard planets (Sun, Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto), then it is rather we who are going towards others and we tell them what they have to do and how they should behave. But planets that are in conjunction with the North Node can also cause problems; For example, planets that are related to the Lunar Node, such as the Moon and Neptune, are very sensitized and make the person very sensitive or susceptible. Later we will talk about each of the planets in conjunction and in opposition. It is also important that planets that are in conjunction with the North Node be taken into account in the choice of the profession. Most of the time they indicate special abilities related to the planet. For example, the North Node especially motivates the sensitive planets with which it is attached, stimulating in them a deep motivation for help and service.

Quadrature (90º)

Quadratures also usually react with rejection and defensively. Every quadrature with the North Node also automatically makes a quadrature with the South Node, that is, a performance triangle is formed. In these cases there is usually a tendency to escape and to do precisely the opposite of the development requirements in the direction indicated by the North Node. With squaring, you easily fall into a feverish activity that often makes no sense and leads to the activity as an end in itself. Any activity is valid as long as you don't have to reflect on what you should aim for. The person accelerates with great ease and ends up in the wrong place, that is, paralyzed and waiting for the next opportunity. But this tendency reflects taking the comfortable path towards the South Node is not profitable for development. To direct the square well, you need a lot of understanding and a lot of strength. The planet that is in quadrature with the North Node adopts a negative attitude towards the possibilities of development. We deny it, we behave critically, we fight tirelessly against that Lunar Node or against the planet that is square to it and we behave in a discrepant manner. This also favors the definition of the South Node since, at the same time, the corresponding quadrature is produced and a yield triangle originates.

If there is a performance triangle formed by the North Node and an opposition (for example, Sun-Moon), then, with the South Node a large red square is formed (performance square or cosmic cross).

If the North Node is fixed in one of these figures, it becomes difficult to use it as a point of ascent. Normally, these figures have the effect of containing and fixing, based on the search for security. But advancing always requires the abandonment of the old structures and assurances achieved. In the case of a North Node with quadrature it is typical that, instead of approaching the contact in a relaxed way, the person closes or falls into a frantic activity, doing anything but adequate.

But lunar and contact experiences require a sensitive and sensitive attitude towards the other person or the opposite position. They demand to adapt, to let themselves be carried towards the contact in a relaxed way or to allow access, depending on whether they are outgoing or introverted. Contacts should not be forced but must be allowed to occur and experienced. Who forces or manipulates contacts separates people from their side. Who has such a Lunar Node, is inclined to make contacts mechanically instead of subjectively experiencing them in the deepest. Such a person has a frantic attitude and is not at all relaxed. In the case of the opposition blockages occur easily and, if there is a triangle of performance on the Lunar Node, then the person acts in both ways, on the one hand it is blocked and on the other it is hyperactive.

Opposition (180º)

The red aspects, especially the oppositions, dislike the North Node. The planet that makes this type of aspect says: “What the North Node wants does not suit me; It's too much effort for me.” A planet that is in opposition to the North Node is in conjunction with the South Node.

In the case of the red aspects, there is a tendency to remain reflectively in the South Node because the use of the North Node is an effort. This inclination not to accept the North Node only occurs with the red aspects. They lean towards the South Node. With the planets that are in opposition to the North Node we have a tendency to hinder the advance. We have a tendency to ignore, deny or repress the possibilities that would lead us forward. The opposition is usually a repressive aspect. Unconsciously a blockage occurs. These are two elements that are facing each other, with a tendency to exclude each other. Either a blockage occurs and neither of them advances or decays to one side and the other part is repressed. You fight, project out, enemies are invented and defense mechanisms are built. A different possibility of repression is hyperactivity (this occurs rather with quadrature but also with active planets in opposition).

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Blue aspects

60th sextile
120º Trine

The blue aspects confirm the theme of the Lunar Node. The first step depends considerably on the mood. Often, people with these aspects are too comfortable to do something for themselves and need the stimulation of the environment. Trigons indicate that the senses are awake and produce an optimal organic development because the person perceives his possibilities to a large extent, often unconsciously and with a moderate tempo. It can be said that these people have "smell" for the possibilities of development.

With sextiles, most of the time it is not considered that the way forward is hard or requires much effort, and is followed by natural inclination. People with this aspect often want to remain in harmonic moments and miss development opportunities. But then they have to go back to them.

With red and blue aspects, the Moon Node is ambivalent. There are possibilities so different that it can become annoying. Sometimes the blue aspect is chosen and sometimes the red one or, simply, nothing is done. People with these aspects usually go from one side to the other and do many things but never the right thing. They need enough time to find the "eye of the needle."

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Green aspects

30º semi-sextile
Inikonjukcija 150

The green aspects have to do with awareness. In the case of small green (semi-subtle) aspects, there is often a certain insecurity until enough information has been obtained. The long green aspects (quincunces) indicate that a certain problematic attitude must be consciously overcome. They require constant effort until they reach a determination. They also indicate a decision process through which the person must orient himself.

With the green aspects there can also be strong tensions, especially if there is also a red aspect. In addition, most of the time there is an oscillation between polarities until a decision is made. The person does not seriously intend to behave consistently and therefore does not get anything. He often lets opportunities pass and then must wait until they arrive again. In this case, self-criticism and awareness are required, in the sense of asking: “Where does this really lead? Why not advance? Have I done something wrong? Green aspects are search aspects.

The North Node as a corrective element

The North Node also contains a corrective and balancing element of great importance. Each horoscope has a basic tendency that, as we know, is reflected in the entire horoscope (not in isolated positions).

A horoscope with many planets on the right side indicates that the person is oriented outward and can be intensely absorbed by the environment. This can happen actively or passively. In any case, the person is very close to the environment and, to some extent, is dependent on contact with the environment and the process of exchange with it. This causes an overcompensation of the self in which the degree of dependence is increasing. In extreme cases, if the person becomes overly dependent on advice, confirmation and applause of the environment, and if he no longer has a secure personal point of view, it can even lead to a loss of his or her own identity.

In such a case, for example, it may be that the North Node is in house 1 to correct the erroneous behavior. The North Node in house 1 says: “You must be yourself, you must have the courage to introduce yourself and say: “I am like that; please accept me as I am”. But this is not easy for a person with a horoscope with the figure of aspects located on the right side. Therefore, the North Node has a corrective tendency in the sense that it balances the basic tendency of the character. It establishes a counterweight so that it does not reach the extreme of a loss of identity.

This is an example of how the North Node can have a balancing or antipolarizing effect against a perhaps too unilateral tendency of the base or radix horoscope. These types of trends in the base horoscope may be due, in part, to certain planetary positions or to certain groupings of planets but, as we have seen in the previous example, they may also be due to the global trend of the horoscope. It is important to always keep in mind that the North Node has a regulatory effect and, therefore, has a psycho-hygienic meaning in the horoscope.