Branko Zivotin, Catholic astrologer - forecaster

Ascendant or Sun in Ophiuchus
November 1 to November 18

Published June 27, 2019

Ophiuchus - November 1 to November 18.

Ophiuchus has a huge influence in every natal chart. Without this sign, nothing can be seen specifically, and neither astrologer can tell specific things to a person. Everything that can be said from a horoscope with 12 zodiac signs are speculations, assumptions and possibilities, like fictional karma and describing a person, that is, a psychological profile. However, this is not enough because every person likes the exact things to know and especially nowdays. Ophiuchus is the only sign that does not have an opposite sign. Hence there is no polarity to experience.

- Date range: November 1 to November 18
- The sign is direct opposite from Orion.
- Ruler planet Pink and asteroid Chiron
- Egzaltation: Uran
- Egzil; Pallas
- Fall; Sunce
- Ecliptic; 18 stepeni
- Compatible; Orion, Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Ophiuchus, Capricorn

Ophiuchus is the thirteenth Zodiac sign in astrology located between Scorpio and Sagittarius, and its position is 248° - 266°. What is very important to know is that one Zodiac sign is not divided into 30 degrees as astrologers represent a zodiac sign. Namely, no astronomer will agree with astrologers that one Zodiac sign takes 30 degrees, as the beginning of a zodiac sign does not begin as the modern astrologers have announced. This constellation is considered the 13th zodiac sign, but for some reason it has been omitted from modern astrology. Astrologers still have astronomical errors, and for that reason, the science of astronomy can never take into account an astrology that is being presented today because it presents everything wrong to all people.

People who are born just on its day or have an Ascendant in this Zodiac sign, they are of particular importance as those who have stellium in Ophiuchus. Ophiuchus is the only zodiac sign that depicts a real man. Many people are envious of the Ophiuchan as he/she progresses well throughout life. Ophiuchus is a seeker of wisdom and knowledge. They have a flamboyant dressing sense, favouring bright colours and wearing of pleaded dresses. The life of these people is not a bit easy and they pass a lot of problems in some 28-31 years, but in the depths of the soul they are special optimists, despite the fact that they often fall into depressive situations.

People who are under the influence of Ophiuchus are very much dedicated to literature, linguistics, music and religion, although they have problems in education due to lack of money, but they still graduate from college. The influence of Jupiter is of great importance to these people, because the planet Jupiter is ruled by Ophiuchus, and all four elements are incorporated into this zodiac constellation. The talisman or amulet that these individuals should wear is of crucial importance. They should wear a talisman that is highlighted in figure number three above and the icon I indicated, regardless of faith confession.

Ascendant or Sun in Ophiuchus means people who constantly seek justice and truth but always accept the truth in the hard way. They have their own views and do not change it lightly. They are very human, sensitive and vulnerable. People in the Ophiuchus sign or with the Ascendant in Ophiuchus Sun sign always shine mystically for others. They have some personal faith and a look at the future. Even if there is a danger that their plans go wrong, they are so durable and resourceful that they simply do not surrender easily and always find ways to get out of the given situation similar to the Aquarius Sun sign. They have an unwavering faith in the goodness of destiny, it acts as some kind of talisman and causes, in general, they almost always get salvation with it.

They have a very strong need for freedom and every "bond" for a person can burden them exceptionally. It is very important for persons with Sun or Ascendant in Ophiuchus to feel support and praise, while criticism is very difficult to bear. The person who criticizes them, it is better not to try hard, but this sign does not bear any criticism, and it thinks that it knows everything well and that it is too advanced in relation to other people. He does not like people who are pathetic and depressed.

They do not think much about what they say and therefore they have a problem with others. They are very intelligent, and lack of education or limitation in people is extremely annoying. They are constantly in search of religion even though they have their own view on religion. They do not like to belong to anyone, and in their love there is no middle ground, a rule or everything or nothing. They are jealous when they love and are too impressive, they constantly ask something and they constantly expect a loved one to prove that he is loved. There are many problems within the family and they are always incomplete. They are believers, and what they believe in, they are ready to fight.

After the Zodiac Aquarius, this is the second Zodiac sign that is the most humane and open-minded, so it's not surprising, why are Ophiuchus so sincere and so dear people, because their humanistic lines to please others make them extremely happy. He knows He has a lot of uncontrollable behaviors and he is out of the ordinary, and He can move others from a fixed path. Whoever frowns on him, it is better to stay away from him. Ophiuchus are usually a restless spirit, and they constantly explain their ideas while their eyes are like pearls, and their conversations are always highlighted by a smile and  hands. They can be terribly sarcastic and eccentric and incapable of keeping secrets. They keep a secret for a while, but soon they bring out the truth. They are somewhat superficial, spicy, but often explosive.

They need emotional independence and freedom to explore new and unexplored territories. they are happy, full of enthusiasm, optimistic, spontaneous, with their own philosophical convictions. They consider the meaning of life in their beliefs. Ophiuchus has the ability to change the course of life. It provides an incentive for people born in the zodiac sign Cancer, while Taurus is the center of attention and Ophiuchus and Taurus together promote their ideas. Ophiuchus is not compatible with the Virgo zodiac sign. The zodiacal sign of the Pisces can to some extent seriously lead to a state of high explosiveness.

Fall in love is fast, but quickly pass the stage of falling in love. The one they seek for the rest of their lives must be extremely broad in view and viewpoint, because one should not forget that this sign hates people who are dumb and stupid, that is, primitive, because Ophiuchus is not like that and can not with such people to socialize, let alone live with a person who has such views and perceptions. They are loyal in love and especially when they love a person. By faith they show respect for their partner.

With an ascendent, sun or stellion in Ophiuchus, they always try to keep the balance between fidelity and independence, although they do not always succeed and they can easily enter into flirt and adventure. Freedom is most important to them in love, and if these points are not reached, they will quickly leave the partner. As they are  childish, they expect a partner to make fun of and have a sense of humor. Humor makes them happy. The person with the Ascendant in ophiuchus is exceptionally obsessed with the obligation, but the love affair is very desirable. In love there is somehow happiness. He / she is somehow a real glue for problematic partners, glue for fools. Ophiuchus has a big difficulty in showing his attachment to a partner so it is often misunderstood. A partner must not dominate in the home because Ophiuchus will not tolerate it. Ophiuchus is very possessive and jealous.

People with a lot of influence of this sign in the natal are constantly trying to expand their aspects, whether they travel and get to know other cultures, it is well absorbed in philosophy. They want to form their view of the world and acquire knowledge by the end of their day. But your goal is not to accumulate concepts, but understand their meaning and how they relate to each other to make up one whole. That is why Ophiuchus is sometimes interested in religion or spirituality, and faith and experience are important to them from the knowledge itself.

With a sign or the Sun or possibly Stelium in Ophiuchus, they enjoy travel and research, and their minds are constantly looking for new experiences. They are not as ambitious as they can imagine to be able to start a million jobs and barely complete one. There are great children in the soul. They love various rituals. They are deep thinkers, and like gifted and visionary with good judgment. When he experiences some failure of the mind, he goes to another extreme. The nature is fierce and abrupt, so it is too quick to make a decision. There is tendency for obesity and especially loves sweetness. It is friendly and sincere, even brutaly sincere. Ophiuchus is overly talkative, and what he says can seem very confusing to the people. It's full of surprises and contradictions. A person with a prominent Ophiuchus is morally infallible.